15+ Wild Situations People Never Expected To Find Themselves In

Have you ever met a doomsday prepper? Ones with large stashes of goods and bunkers and detailed plans for every possibility?

Even if you don't agree with their specific practice, their message of 'always be prepared' is important. Be it a small annoyance or a large anomaly, the people on this list could have done with some prep for the wild situations they found themselves in.

"Somebody spilled a heap of paint when painting the road lines."

A way to hone your winter driving sight year-round!

'I've got weirdly small feet (size 3) for my height (5'10")."

I'm also 5'10", and I feel insecure about my size 7 feet. No longer, though. From now on, I'll be grateful.

"Big Potato Eyes."

That's no longer a bag of potatoes, that's an eldritch being growing in your cupboard.

"For Sale!! 2001 Honda Civic, great condition (I hope)."

It's like buying a mystery box, you won't know the exact contents or condition until it all melts!

"Real grass grows from plastic grass field."

Imagine laying down plastic grass because it's easier to maintain, and you still have to go around mowing growths.

"Well.. My car exploded today..."

Wow. It really did. There's just no other way about it, that's a car explosion if I've ever seen one.

"I'm 21, my hair started going grey since I was 13!"

Is dyed grey hair still trendy? If so, you lucked out, that color is a pain to maintain!

"Sitting here for over an hour waiting to be Interviewed."

Either this is a test that you're passing, or a bullet dodged if you leave.

"To try an illegal u-turn on the highway."

Why am I not surprised that it's an Amazon van? When they say they'll get those packages to you the next day, it's by any means necessary.

"Saw a Ghostbusters hearse in my town."

It's a new look, but it's pretty clean. More job-related and a bit more trunk space, too.

"There's a herd of mouflons at this hospital in Prague."

Are they like therapy dogs? Because I do think petting a mouflon would heal me of any ailments.

"The results of my allergy test today. I am allergic to everything they tested for."

Now you have the perfect excuse to stay at home all day every day. "Sorry, can't come to work anymore, I'm allergic to the outside world."

"So... my worst nightmare happened today, a spider fell into my ear while i was sleeping."

Time to start sleeping with ear plugs! And earmuffs. And a helmet. In fact, just surround yourself in a bubble.

"Long day at work and was getting out of my shower when the glass door shattered on me."

Now you have the perfect excuse to call of work tomorrow. This was a gift, take it.

"My brother put up a swing for his daughter, and a 75-year-old neighbor uses it on her neighborhood walk."

This is either really sweet if she asked to use it, or really odd if she didn't.

"Lake ice came up the bank and destroyed my neighbours deck."

This is one of the most solid arguments against lakefront property that I've ever seen.

"PSA: Cigs and plastic trashcan don't mix."

Most people probably understand this, but it's nice to see what could happen anyway.

"Was followed by the L.L. Bean Bootmobile a few days ago."

Feeling like you're being followed is creepy enough, but by a giant boot? That's somehow worse.

"Someone managed to park their car on a [pole]."

If this is considered parked, then I suddenly feel way less bad about my own crooked parking jobs.

"A sword in a stone that I just saw, Somerset, England."

Well, surely you know what to do, yeah? They might not honor the 'become king' thing anymore but it's still worth a shot.