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Mom Goes Viral For Advice On How To Get Children To Listen Without Yelling

Have you ever totally lost it on your child? If so, you're not alone.

Kids are infamous for pushing boundaries. It's their way of testing how much they can get away with. When this happens, it's all too easy for parents to do the one thing that usually works: yell.

But does this accomplish anything? Sometimes. Is there a better way? According to one TikToker, the answer is yes.

Meet Tia Slighthman.

She's a parenting coach and mother of two who goes by the name @parentingcoach on TikTok.

This is where she educates her more than 400k followers on how to better parent their children.

She covers topics, such as toddler tantrums and how to get kids to be productive without nagging them.

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Recently, she has become a real-life savior to parents everywhere for her helpful videos with tips and tricks on how to get her children to listen.

One user commented on her video titled "Living in TODDLER HELL?":

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"Your videos are soo helpful I'm a first time mom to my boy who is about to be one I'm so nervous for the toddler stage,"

"Waaait. I need you," added another.

Recently, one of her videos on parenting has gone viral.

In it, she asks, “Do you want to know why your kids don’t listen until you yell and lose your [expletive]?” Her explanation is extremely shocking to parents, which might be why it has over five million views.

It's because "you set that boundary," she said.

While she explained that she's not pointing her finger at parents or blaming them, she said that "kids will continue to do what works."

This comes from their nature of needing to "push boundaries until boundaries are found."

In other words, parents are training their children not to listen to them the first time," she said.

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"If you ask nicely, give multiple reminders until you finally lose your [expletive], they learn that they won't need to listen when you ask the first time."

Pretty mind-blowing, huh?

"They only listen when the boundary is set." In this case, yelling is the boundary.

Thankfully, Slighthman has a better solution for parents: "If you want to stop this cycle, we have to learn how to set concrete, clear, and consistent boundaries." The 3 C's!

She explained that this is how kids know in advance what you need them to do.

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She also said that parents need to work on strategies to help them avoid yelling. It all comes down to this: "Shifting your parenting to shift your child's behavior."

Easier said than done, of course, but she has tons of resources on her website.

She also has a 12-week online coaching program for parents called The Parenting Purpose Method.

“It is my methodology which guides parents to create battle-free days with their kids," she told Bored Panda.

She continued by saying:

"No yelling, anger, punishment or guilt! Finally having kids who listen, cooperate, and act respectfully in a non-combative way!”

Given how mind-blowing the information was, Tia got millions of comments from viewers.

Some were a bit snarky: "It's not yelling it's motivational speaking for selective hearing," one user commented.

"Simply yell at the first time. problem solved," another wrote. Another asked if this would work with a "man-child."

Some parents expressed guilt over their habit of yelling at their kids.

"I cried watching this because I've been trying to stop yelling. it's so hard," wrote one person.

Another picked up yelling from their own parents: "I grew up in a yelling household and I have definitely carried that over into my parenting."

Since old habits die hard, some people were in favor of yelling.

"This doesn't work with my nearly 3-year-old. I've tried. Believe me. I've tried. Yelling works; nothing else does."

Thankfully, Tia's tips can help. To learn more, you can check out her TikTok.

What do you think of her advice?

Do you think it is doable or do you find it impossible?

Either way, let us know down below in the comment section! We would love to hear from you!

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