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Parents Can Relate To This Father Roasting His Daughter's Puzzle Book

Think you're smarter than a fifth grader?

What about smart enough to tackle a puzzle book meant for a youngster?

The odds are pretty slim, as evident by this puzzle book one dad bought for his daughter. With the puzzles getting SAT-level difficult, he had to ask himself, "WHO IS THIS FOR?!"

Let the roasting commence.

"I can't tell if the description was TOO good, or not good ENOUGH," TikToker @brave.dave captioned his post about the puzzle book.

Before getting into his roast, he explained that the book was made with the purpose of getting harder as the pages go on.

The first few pages were as advertised: you had to do easy stuff like match the shadow to the cakes and determine which animal didn't belong from a group.

"That wolf looking real sus," he joked.

But then, things took a turn — literally. With each turn of the page, the puzzle level got more and more difficult.

One puzzle asked users to figure out "which panda is missing something."

Problem is: just looking at the page makes your brain hurt.

"You find me a child who will do this," he said about a puzzle that asks you to find which two Rubik's cubes are the same.

The rest of the book went on like this: with each puzzle seeming more and more like the friggen SATs.

There even seemed to be some criminal profiling going on. WTF? This came from a page asking children to "look for the odd man out in this picture."

The only good thing that came from that book was Dave's roasts! Watch the vid to catch the rest of them.