Twitter Can't Stop Roasting Laura Dern's Oscar Dress

The Oscars are known for many things, Movies, yes, but the FASHION! Half of the reason I watch the show is to see what amazing styles the ladies and gentlemen are wearing!

So when Laura Dern hit up the red carpet, some fans didn't understand the fashion concept.

Laura Dern showed up on the red carpet in her couture looking absolutely stunning for Sunday night's Oscars.

However, some people didn't see the dress as haute couture and saw it more as a feather duster ala Beauty and the Beast.

Yes, the dress kind of reminds me of a swan, but a very PRETTY swan! Or like Björk's iconic dress.

It's just something us regular people just don't understand!

What was Laura supposed to wear? Sweatpants? I think not!

Look, a fashion hit or miss does not mean Laura is looking any less iconic than usual.

I think she looks fabulous! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!