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Half Of Graduating Class At Texas High School Suspended Over 'Harmless' Prank

Senior classes pulling pranks is hardly a novel idea — but, after a recent prank, one class from a Texas high school have been having a forking bad time to say the least.

The school's response to the prank, which has resulted in a swath of suspensions for the students involved, has garnered a severe backlash from both parents and the general public alike.

The prank involved covering the school's practice fields in plastic forks.

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Yes, you read that right, the prank that the students were suspended for involved covering Comfort High School's football practice field in a plethora of plastic forks.

The school's officials were far from amused by the prank, prompting them to issue out a slew of two-week suspensions for the students involved.

Around 40 students are reported to have been suspended, with some student's graduation being directly effected.

With half of the graduating class facing suspension, some of whom are apparently in the top 10%, there are some students who are fearful that they may lose the honors with which they were supposed to graduate, News 4 San Antonio's Morgan Burrel reported on Twitter.

Some parents have furiously claimed that the prank was "harmless," not warranting such severe punishment.

Hope Jay, who has two students in Comfort High School's senior class, was outraged by the punishment, and told WOAI:

"It was a harmless senior prank that all of us parents knew 100 percent what was going on, [...] They had planned as a group, you know, 40 students, which is half the senior class… to fork the field, which is putting plastic forks in the dirt."

Some other students also conducted other pranks inside the building.

Other pranks that were conducted also included the likes of: placing a crooked stag's head on the wall, putting up a "for sale" sign outside the school, and covering a room in balloons.

Jay went on to attest, "There's been no damage, no destruction, no graffiti, no defacing of property and no police reports."

The parent of the class's valedictorian thought that the suspension was a revenge "prank" on behalf of the school.

After the class valedictorian was served with her suspension, the student's mother, Shannon Tonroy, explained, "We all actually kind of thought that this was their way of pranking us. The kids go in and prank them while they turn around and prank the kids. And that would have been absolutely fantastic, a great way to have dealt with it," she told WOAI.

Ms Tonroy also owns a local liquor store, whose sign now read, "Congrats class of 2021 we're so forking proud!!"

Some parents have even taken to wearing a fork in their pocket in solitary with the suspended students.

There has not yet been any reports of a statement from the school. However, there has been a growing pressure on the school to drop the suspensions, especially since the hashtag "#freetheforkingseniors" has been garnering quite a lot of attention online.

It seems as though the school will not budge on their punishment, but only time will tell.

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