14+ Harmless Pranks We Wish We’d Thought Of First

Pranks are what prompts everyone to get up in the morning! Well, actually, it's the necessary daily slog to work to pay the bills I guess...but yeah, pranks are still good.

And, to distract you from the daily slog for a bit, here are 14+ harmless pranks we wish we'd thought of first!

"Sign I found in the woods that depicts a man jumping over some scary-looking hands."

I severely hope that someone put this up as a prank, otherwise there is something truly horrific lurking in there. I wouldn't be taking my chances by going in either way.

"My girlfriend made a chicken pot pie for dinner..."

Mmmm, that's sure as hell one way to make a pie more appetising! I think that this is actually a Mary Berry technique, that pesky old scamp is always doing this sort of thing.

"20 years today at the same company. Asked my boss if I got a plaque or anything. This was on my desk when I returned..."

For anyone confused, that says "20 effing years," apparently the boss struggles with his "e's" a bit. It's the thought that counts though!

"I ordered a burger and told my waiter that for every pickle I receive, I will destroy a city. He returned with this and said 'My least favorite places.'"

Anyone living in any of those places should be wary of their city being crushed by a giant pickle!

"Someone decided it would be funny to draw a penis on my homework. I turned it in without realising. This is how my teacher returned it to me."

Ah, the old draw a penis on someone's work before it gets handed in. Good to see the classics are still in circulation.


And you really don't want to be injecting anything that is "sparkling" into your body, it'll give you terrible hiccups.

"Went to Egypt for a month and returned to work to find my desk like this..."

Wow, I wish that my desk looked like this, I always liked the idea of working in a crypt!

"Got in an accident? Just entertain yourself with the snow until help arrives."

"Do you have any witnesses for what happened?"

"I have these snowmen!"

"Sir, four people are dead..."

"This, of course, is Fred Flint's stone."

I cannot imagine how proud the person who found this must have been when they saw it, and I bet that they are a dad.

Everyone Hates Queueing For The Toilet...

Oh God, and the guy at the front didn't even close the door, was he born in a sodding barn?

"Happy snip-snip day to my husband!"

Someone pointed out that there should also have been a packet of seedless grapes in the hamper as well!

There's Snow Way He's Old Enough To Drive!

Well, a lot of people's cars aren't being used due to people working from home, so at least someone is getting to use this one.

"I've driven past this broken wall for 3 months now. Looks like the culprit returned to the scene of the crime."

He's looking awful smug for a guy who is doubtlessly about to be facing a wealth of damages charges! Does nothing phase you Cool-Aid Man?!

"I asked my brother to take care of my puppy while I was away. I returned to this image as my wallpaper."

That puppy is really selling it as well with that forlorn expression. That dog is going to be a star...or a soup, who knows.

"The Best Form Of Vandalism..."

Day van, aaahh aaahaa! Fighter of the night van, it's a master of good parking and stick-shift for everyone.

Dad Jokes 101

Before I took that sign down, I'd be making those bushes level. It is so menially annoying that they are different sizes.

"You walk outside your front door and see this. What do you do?"

I dread to think of how long it would have taken to make all of these little guys. Also, if I were under attack from this army, I'd be boiling the kettle, that's the best way to combat them I reckon.

"My Dad's pranking technique..."

As opposed to Superglue which may deteriorate over time, this is a much more future-proof way to annoy people long into the future!

"My friend found a photo I gave her in kindergarten. My older brother helped me write the note."

But, are you really friends with someone until they have made you poop your pants with laughter?

"That just sounds suspicious. Even the house in the background looks scared..."

"That's so funny that you put 'not haunted' out front!"

"Haha, yes well the house being haunted definitely isn't something you need to worry about! Anymore..."

"Wait, what?"