Fans Are Tickled Pink With Unrecognizable Jonah Hill's Eye-Catching New Hairstyle

As actors go, Jonah Hill finds himself in the unusual position of being both highly recognizable and a chameleon who is able to greatly adapt his look to play a given character.

And that's what tends to happen when movies like Superbad or 21 Jump Street prime us to look at him a certain way only for his more critically-acclaimed roles like his turn in Moneyball or The Wolf Of Wall Street to completely subvert our expectations.

But while Hill is certainly capable of changing his look dramatically for roles, it seems that he's just as likely to do that for fun.

If you were to go on Hill's Instagram — at least by the time of this writing — you probably wouldn't see a hint of any major change in his look.

However, it appears that there's also an account out there called @jonahfits, which is apparently dedicated to following the actor's various fashion choices.

That account recently posted a video of him goofing around at a golf course but fans definitely found something else in the clip to focus on.

Namely, the fact that he has apparently dyed his hair bright pink, which we can see poking out from under his baseball cap.

According to GQ, this isn't the first time he's made such a choice and his apparent fearlessness in flitting from style to desired style is a big part of why he's considered an unexpected fashion icon.

I guess the fact that a whole Instagram account is dedicated to following his fashion choices should have been our first clue.

And because we always have to get this question out of the way when an actor looks different, it doesn't seem like Hill's hair in pink due to an upcoming role.

After all, The Chicago Sun Times reported that his newest job is to play infamous Chicago lawyer and alleged mafia fixer Sidney Korshak in an as-of-yet untitled miniseries.

Although Korshak was described as a colorful lawyer, they didn't mean it quite that literally.

Still, his bold new look seemed to be a hit with the fans following that account.

While one commenter rambled something about "Hollywood brainwashing," others seemed to think the look suited him well, while another person with pink hair said they were "twinning."

In the words of one fan, "We love to see such a happy Jonah."

What do you think of his new look? Have you dyed your hair an interesting color?