Former Disney Worker Shares The Inside Scoop On What To Avoid Spending Money On

It isn't news that a trip to a Disney park can cost quite the pretty penny. Such is the price for a family vacation, right? Well, not necessarily.

Though the base cost can be high on its own, there are a number of ways one can save money while visiting. Take it from an expert, someone who used to work as a cast member who knows all the best ways to save a couple bucks.

Kayleigh Price is a former cast member at Disney World in Florida.

Outside of her status as a former employee, she still frequents the parks and considers herself a fan, so she knows both perspectives on the park experience.

We believe this makes her extra qualified to share her money-saving tips when visiting Disney World.

Starting with the stay, splurging on the Disney resort when you're going to be spending all day in the parks is simply not worth it, Kayleigh advises.

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Find the cheapest accommodation you can; even some of the Disney ones cost far less than the expensive resorts and still offer free travel to the parks.

However, if you are staying at a resort, do yourself a favor and buy a reusable mug. Free unlimited refills will stop you from needing to pay $4-5 every time you want to top up.

Speaking of cups, you don't ever have to pay for water when at Disney World.

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You can buy bottled water if you'd like, but any quick-service dining location on the grounds will provide a free cup of water if asked for one, Kayleigh notes.

You can also bring your own reusable water bottle and fill it up at stations across the park. When the summer heat hits, you need to stay hydrated, and it's best to not spend a fortune doing so.

What about souvenirs and merch?

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Trading pins with employees or fellow park-goers is common within the Disney fanbase. Kayleigh says it's far cheaper to buy a set of Disney pins online rather than spend the same amount on one pin in-park only to trade it away.

She also noted how much families loved wearing matching shirts. It's definitely cute, but much cheaper to buy those shirts online or at a store like Walmart.

Also, you don't need professional photo prints to remember your time there. Ask PhotoPass employees to take a picture with your own phone or camera!

Lastly, it's all about being smart and mindful.

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Make sure you pack correctly when planning your vacation so you're not spending a ton on something you forgot. And, when leaving the parks, really think about the merch you want to buy. What will you use or appreciate most? Not giving in to impulse buys, tempting as they are, is one of the best ways to save money.

Keeping these in mind during your next vacation will hopefully make it a little easier on your wallet!

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