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Man Calmly Points Out The Problems With All Kinds Of Lame Lifehacks

Lifehacks are an awesome idea. After all, any advice to make life a little easier is worth hearing.

That said, we didn't have lifehacks for the first 12,000 years or so of human civilization, and now you see them absolutely everywhere. And it feels like as time goes on, the quality of lifehacks seems to be diminishing.

One TikToker has noticed this trend, and he wants to shut down these rubbish hacks.

Khabane Lame sees your lifehacks, and he's not impressed.

Lame, who you can find on TikTok under khaby.lame, basically takes internet trends down a few pegs with every post. For every supposedly life-changing lifehack or amazing trick shot you see online, there are a million failures.

Not everything needs to be a big production.

Why make a big show of jumping onto a pool floatie when you could just, like, calmly set up the floatie and then ease yourself onto it?

Some things have already been lifehacked.

Take this example: you could work out for years to gain the strength to bust up an apple, or you could just grab a specialized tool called a 'knife' and cut it open yourself.

Brushing your teeth has never been more involved.

Some of these lifehack videos go down such a weird rabbit hole that it's hard to know what's going on anymore. Lame shows us that you can just, y'know, brush your teeth normally.

Just like LeBron.

Look, it's impressive if you're able to drain a million threes in fast succession. But actual basketball doesn't require you to do this, ever. Khaby shows us that you can just, like, sink one shot and feel good about it.

No need to overcomplicate things.

The original video shows a guy getting himself absolutely psyched up to...punch a hole in a sheet of newspaper. I don't know why.

In any event, Khaby demonstrates that, unsurprisingly, it isn't hard to create a hole in a sheet of thin paper.

Soap dispenser: hacked.

We've all seen those soap or sanitizer dispensers that keep dispensing, even when you don't want them to. Well, there's no need to get frustrated. Just take what you need, and as your hand is out, wipe the surface clean with your other hand.

Sometimes the old ways are best.

TikTok | @kaby.lame

Efforts to go viral have created an arms race of sorts, one with drastically diminishing returns. If you see some good advice, that's great. But just remember: not all internet advice is good advice.

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