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Woman Set A Trap To Catch Office Thief Who Ate Her Allergy-Friendly Cookies

I think we can all agree that people stealing your food is the WORST.

It could be your partner who helped themselves to the food you saved for later or your kids who discovered your snack stash (precisely why this woman hides snacks in the dishwasher).

Or, it could be a stranger at work, as was the case in this Redditor's story. Here's how they got revenge!

First, a little background on the poor Redditor who had her food stolen from the office.

In her post, which has over 20k replies, she began by sharing that she has a lot of food allergies.

This makes it difficult for her to eat at most restaurants.

She is also a new mom who's breastfeeding.

This means that she pumps while at work and gets extra hungry.

But since "mommy brain" was causing her to forget the lunches she made at home, she started bringing non-perishable items to her office.

This included a lot of candy since it was the only place she could eat in peace from her three-year-old.

She also bought a lot of snacks that are allergen-free.

As such, they don't taste as good as normal snacks that contain the allergen and they're double the cost.

Given all this, you would think that no one at the office would touch her food, right?

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"Boxes of candy were running out faster than I thought I was eating them. I'd come in in the morning and things wouldn't be where I'd left them" she wrote.

At first, she thought it was just her mommy brain getting the best of her.

But when she got the flu and was out for the whole week, something happened. She left an almost full box of her allergen-free cookies that cost a lot of money.

"For one week, I was not eating any of my snack hoard."

"But someone else was," she shared. *cue dramatic music*.

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"Because I came back to work, opened my box of cookies, and found one. There was one single, solitary cookie left."

This thief had also helped themselves to a whole new box. Unfortunately, the Redditor's boss wasn't any help.

This led her to take matters into her own hands: she bought a nanny cam and set up a trap.

She set the nanny cam on top of a file cabinet looking down on her desk.

"On the desk, I laid out a fantastic spread of bait snacks. I got all my thief's favorites."

She even made the goodies too hard to resist by buying a Valentine's Day heart and breaking the seal of it.

When she arrived to work the next day, the thief was even more brazen than usual.

They had opened new boxes, individually-wrapped items had been dumped out of their boxes, packaging was thrown away, and the Valentine's Day candy was eaten.

Ready to find out who the culprit was?

When she played back the video, it wasn't Janice in accounting or the jerk in marketing who always gets the best parking spot.

It was the midnight janitor! He sat in her chair for 12 minutes and ate her food. "I got him shoveling candy into his mouth with full palm-to-lips intensity," she wrote.

After she sent the screenshots to her boss, the man was rightfully fired.

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She was even approached by another girl at the concession stand who said that the man had tried to get free coffee from her.

She concluded her post by sharing how proud she was to stick up for herself!

Redditors were proud of her, too!

"I'm proud that you didn't lay in wait and kill him. Source-I'm a husband with wife and 2 kids, messing with mommy's food is dangerous," wrote one user. Many also shared their stories of catching their food thieves!

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