It's Time To Play With Our Food Thanks To This LEGO-Inspired Waffle Maker

There are some products that combine two things together so well, it makes us wonder why it took so long for someone to create them. When it comes to food, there's nothing better than making regular items much more fun and exciting.

For example, who doesn't want to spice up their waffles? I know I do.

Now, thanks to Amazon, there's a way to make waffles more fun.

Combining the best of LEGOs and your favorite breakfast food, you can create magical buildings and projects out of, yes, waffles! Can you imagine a better way to start off your day? I think not.

The waffle maker divides the waffle into 14-pieces.

Just like regular LEGOs, each piece has a certain set of knobs and holes so you can fit pieces together and build something spectacular.

It's truly a LEGO-themed breakfast world right on your kitchen table.

If you're somebody with kids, this is a definite win.

While getting our kids to eat so early in the morning can be hard, letting them play with their food is something that'll help.

Sure, we always say "don't play with your food," but this is a way they can finally forgo those rules.

It also makes for a great gift!

If you know someone who loves waffles and LEGOs, why not give them this as a gift? Definitely great for your siblings or even your significant other to say, "let's make something together!"

The waffle maker is available on Amazon here.