Ashley Graham's Rule For Giving Parents Unsolicited Advice Should Be Practiced By Everyone

When you're a mom, having a good group of other mom friends is something that many women value and cherish.

But honestly, not everyone understands the time, effort, and struggles that go into raising young children. Many times, moms will go to each other for advice or simply to bounce a few ideas off of them, knowing someone is in your corner who gets it.

Some women look to their friends to simply vent, and not to seek advice.

While talking to our mommy friends is fun and soothing for us, sometimes we offer advice before even thinking about whether or not they actually want it.

We all talk before we think, it happens!

That is why model and social media influencer Ashley Graham has a special rule for giving parenting advice.

Graham, who has children of her own, says that it's so nice to have a "big group" of female friends who also have kids.

She loves that she can go to her friends for all different things that they will understand firsthand.

Yet, when it comes to her friends coming to her, she has one rule.

Speaking to E! News, she said whenever her friends come to her, she simply says:

"I always say, 'Do you want the advice?' before.”

And, her reasoning?

"There's just so much unsolicited advice that you get when you're pregnant… You feel bombarded by it a bit," she said.

Graham says that it's something everyone should really try.

“So I think the best thing to do when talking to anyone who's pregnant or has just had a baby is, like, make sure they want the advice before you give it,” she added.

Do you agree with this sentiment?