Quotes For All The Low-Maintenance Moms Among Us

Being a mom is a hard job and a lot of times it can take a lot out of us. Once we become moms, we have absolutely no desire to dress up, go out, and be all "done up." Being a low-maintenance mom is a skill and an art form.

We know how to put it all together without actually having to put it all together. Dry shampoo and leggings, baby, it's a lifestyle.

Please, just don't put me through this.

With the CDC relaxing some mask regulations and opening cities back up, I can't be forced to switch my sweatpants attire for jeans again.

I don't fit into my jeans anymore. It's over for me.

Ah, the life.

Romance has changed a lot since becoming a mom.

Where I thought I needed to be wined and dined, now I just want my husband to help me out with the puke and baby poop. That's romance.

It's been a while.

My husband gave me a night off to go out, but who goes out anymore and what do they do?

Also, how do we dress now that we're moms? Can I wear leggings or will that be frowned upon?

I would pay for this, tenfold.

I'm tired of the little ham and cheese for my kids. Get rid of the juice box and give me little bottles of wine.

Also, once the kids go to bed, I'm all in that "mom lunchable" box like it's a bad habit.

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