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Parents Are Loving A Time-Saving Breast-Pumping Hack A Mom Shared

New moms struggle with a lot of things when it comes to their children. One thing that new moms definitely hate is having to constantly clean and wash everything, especially their breast pumps and bottles.

Sometimes, moms will be pumping and there is leftover milk or they pump more than they need, so they freeze it in small bags. Now, one mom has come up with a brilliant way to make life easier for all pumping moms.

TikTok user Ashley Newton shared the video that she feels is revolutionary for moms who are pumping.

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The mom said it's a "lifesaver" for moms who are tired of always cleaning or wasting breastmilk when they are pumping.

You use the same pump and this time, you need the little milk bags too to give you some help.

She essentially saves "clean up" time and makes storage easier.

TikTok l @unlicensedtomom

Newton opens the breast milk storage bag and places it inside the bottom of a baby bottle.

She then puts on the connectors before pumping directly into the bag, instead of into the bottle.

Newton says she "always" washes her hands before pumping so it prevents germs.

TikTok l @unlicensedtomom

Many pumps can get built-up residue from previous uses, so this saves some moms from having to scrub and wash the bottles continuously over and over again.

Additionally, the bags can be stored in the fridge or freezer and are sealed to keep the milk fresh.

Moms on TikTok absolutely loved the idea!

TikTok l @unlicensedtomom

Many people on TikTok in the comments were blown away by this simple and easy hack, some were shocked that they did not think of it themselves.

Having a great way to make the process of pumping shorter, it's a win/win for moms and kids.

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