TikTok User Shares DIY Tutorial To Make 'Padsicles' For New Moms

So, here's something a shocking amount of people on TikTok didn't know: the pain of childbirth doesn't end after the baby is born.

TikTok user @adore_d.or posted a video of an amazing hack for helping new moms after they give birth, and a people were pretty surprised at the results — and why the hack was necessary at all. Let's check it out!

Alright, here we go.

Leilani Gonzales, aka @adore_d.or, posted a TikTok of herself making "padsicles." She got the idea from her sister, who made Leilani some when she gave birth to her child.

Here's what you'll need.

You're going to need some maxi pads, firstly. I'd go for ones with the best absorbency, which is heavy flow overnights.

You'll also need 100% pure aloe vera gel and alcohol-free witch hazel (yes, really).

Spread the gel on the pad first.

Make sure you get a good amount on, and then spread it out with a spoon. This will build a good base for the witch hazel to soak into.

Add the witch hazel second.

Spread the witch hazel over the gel. Make sure it's alcohol free!

After you've coated a pack or two of pads, bag them up and pop them in the freezer. Boom, padsicles!

So, why is this necessary?

The gel and the witch hazel are god sends for new moms. They'll help reduce swelling and pain after childbirth, and the pad will catch...well, what pads are supposed to catch. You know how it is down there.

An important note about witch hazel:

The comments featured a pretty good debate about the advantages and disadvantages of witch hazel. If you have sensitive skin or an open wound, feel free to skip the oil.

The comments section was SUPER wholesome.

A lot of women had no idea that these would be necessary, which breaks my heart. Luckily, the comments were full of people happy to educate and help anyone with questions!

Some people had even more tips for post-partum care!

Adult diapers are pretty crucial in those few days post-birth. You can put ice under the seat of a diaper (NOT against your skin) to cool yourself down, too.

This is why TikTok is so important.


I feel like TikTok has a lot of really great, practical advice on topics we would never think to seek out.

Would you try this hack? Have you done it for a new parent in your life? Let me know!