14+ Cheaters Who Got Caught Big Time

This world is full of cheaters, from the kind of people who cheat on their spouse to the sorts of people who cheat their way out of their jobs on the cleaning rota!

So, to show off all manner and variety of cheaters, here are 14+ cheaters who got caught big time!

"A guy cheated on his wife in my city and this is what she did to his truck."

Now, I think that maybe the wife might be a little angry. I can't be sure, but something unexplainable is just giving me that impression.

"Let's just get this out in the open."

But, is it really yellow enough? I'm worried that it isn't quite yellow enough to grab people's attention.

"One of my students forgot her cheat sheet INSIDE her Biochem finals answer sheet."

The first rule of cheating in an exam is to not hand in your cheat sheet at the end of the exam with your paper. I thought that this would be obvious, but clearly not.

"Isn't the wheel at the bottom sort of kind of cheating?"

Yeah, I think that it would have taken a bit of the drama out of Christ dragging the cross if he'd have stopped and said, "Come on lads, you haven't got one with a wheel have you? This one's playing havoc with my sciatica!"

How Long Have They Been Doing This For?

So crows are secretly able to dip their nuggets? What next?! They'll be taking over the world before we know it, that's just a fact. It's a small leap from dipping nuggets to world domination.

"Do you know the Gartside Street Cheat?"

The Cheater Of Gartside Street makes him sound like a hideous mythical creature who lurks around trying to chat up anyone who is married.

"I'm so done with fake fake watches. So glad I found this shop!"

Featuring watches from such big name brands as Relox, Pat-a-cake Phillipe, and Omegadit'sgenuine!

"Classmate's cheat sheet for this semester's programming final."

"When I said one sheet...this wasn't what I had in mind."

"But, it doubles up as a blanket, it's super practical!"

"I don't think that is the problem."

"My aunt says I cheat at dominos by looking at the smudges and scratches of the domino's backs, so every time we play she washes the dominos."

Who knew that there were people out there who take playing dominos so seriously? I guess the world of competitive dominos must be a really cutthroat sport!

"Found posted around our small town."

I love it when people give their dog's people names like "Steve," it makes them... Oh, wait, I see whats going on here. Poor form Steve, bad dog!

"Saw this on my Local Wisconsin news..."

Wait, so there is a fake season out there masquerading as spring? What the hell?! How are we only just finding out about this?!

"My cat sits in a box of lies."

I hate it when one of your flatmates starts shirking their duties! It's time that they start adhering to the rota!

"My mom found out my dad has been cheating and since they don't exactly make cards for this occasion I had to improvise."

Thankfully, this person went on to say that their mother loved the sentiment behind the card! A Congrats card could also have been made to work as well, I guess.

"Looks like someone got caught cheating."

"Hi, welcome to our clinic, what can I help you with today?"

*Points to the car outside...


"So, you can hear my mother calling to me from beyond her grave, but you didn't know that I was stood outside waiting for 35 minutes?"

"My powers work in conveniently mysterious ways... Oooohhhh...!"

"Saw this trickster on the highway today..."

What if this is a double bluff and this is actually a police officer waiting to catch criminals lulled into a false sense of security!? Double gotcha!

"Student cheating prevention, Catholic school style!"

Weird that they would try to discourage these kids by implying that Father John Misty is lurking over their shoulder.

"Someone brought their pet to class today...and it kept staring at me."

This is absolutely outrageous. It's not on to bring in a goat that can whisper the answers to you into class!