'Sexist' Marilyn Monroe Statue Sparks Controversy After Returning To Palm Springs: 'Highly Offensive'

Controversy is erupting in Palm Springs, California after it was reported the infamous 26-foot statue of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe would be returning to the city. The statue, which recreates one of Marilyn's most iconic on-screen moments, is being called out for its sexism as fans can "upskirt" the statue by standing under it.

Now, the people of Palm Springs are fighting against its return.

As fans may recall, the "Forever Marilyn" statue by artist Seward Johnson was first in Palm Springs from 2012 to 2014.

Now that she's headed back to the resort town permanently, her return is causing controversy from those who don't feel it's an appropriate homage to a celebrity whose life was plagued by criticism, sexism, and mental health disorders.

The sculpture, a 26-foot-tall stainless steel and aluminum piece, recreates Marilyn's iconic subway grate scene from *Seven Year Itch* — complete with a billowing white dress.

The scene from the 1955 classic film has lived on in pop culture history for more than half of a century.

However, this Forever Marilyn statue is not the honorable homage many fans feel she deserves.

Elizabeth Armstrong, the former director of the Palm Springs Art Musuem and now, a spokesperson for the Change.org petition objecting to Marilyn's objectification, is one of the statue's biggest critics.

"She's literally going to be mooning the museum. It's blatantly sexist," she said. "It forces people almost to upskirt."

For those that don't know, upskirting is the practice of taking a photo up a person's skirt without their consent.

If the statue was a person, upskirting her could be prosecuted as a misdemeanor in the state of California.

"The thought of those kids leaving our museum and having the first thing they see is the undergarments and underwear of this enormous Marilyn sculpture would be highly offensive," Louis Grachos, current head of the Palm Springs Art Museum, told the city council.

Fans of the beloved celebrity have taken to social media to protest the statue's return.

What do you make of the controversy? Are people overreacting, or is this statue offensive to Marilyn's legacy? Let us know in the comments below!