TikTok User Spills The Truth About Perfect Homes Seen On Social Media

Boy, social media sure is fake.

I know that we all know how fake it is, but sometimes it takes someone like Adrianna Santiago to show is just how far that fakeness extends.

Adrianna, who runs @thedelightedhome, decided to show off some of her DIYs that may look good on social media, but don't hold up in real life. Let's check them out.

Meet Adrianna Santiago.

She's an influencer who specializes in budget-friendly home decor, thrifting, and clever DIYs. With over 20,000 TikTok followers, her helpful videos reach a pretty wide audience.

However, Adrianna wanted to show the REAL side of her DIYs.

Don't get me wrong — I love looking at a perfect home as much as the next person. However, it's important to remember that nothing we see online is real.

Adrianna showed off parts of her home that aren't as perfect as they appear.

Adrianna said she did her counters herself with a DIY epoxy kit, but didn't do it correctly. As a result, her counters quickly chipped and wore away, leaving them looking a little less than perfect.

This DIY table looks perfect from far away.

This was one of Adrianna's Ikea hacks. Her original TikTok covering the DIY amassed over 30,000 views, with comments rightfully praising her creativity and color choice.

However, the nightstand didn't hold up.

Ugh, this is such a shame. Ikea furniture is notoriously hard to paint, and sometimes even the most careful preparation can't save an Ikea hack from peeling and chipping.

Even little things have flaws.

First of all that DIY frame is gorgeous. However, Adrianna messed up one of the cuts, which I think is no big deal! I think it looks intentional, tbh.

Paint chipping was an issue in the bathroom, too.

This vanity she made over looks really good. I love the black faucet paired with the black mirror, and the muted brown/beige compliments the bathroom nicely.


If you're painting something in a high traffic area, make sure to get a good, durable primer and seal your paint with a waterproof sealer. You'll save yourself so much time later!

You can watch the whole TikTok here.

Check out Adrianna's TikTok showing off her home's not-so-perfect secrets right here, and check out her whole TikTok account (and her DIYs) here!

Is your house hiding some imperfect secrets? I know mine sure is.