7+ Impressive DIYs Made From Dollar Store Supplies

Going to the dollar store has to be one of my favorite hobbies. Not only is everything a bargain, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to finding DIY inspiration.

Take a look at these awesome projects and keep an eye out for these the supplies the next time you hit up the dollar store.

This mirrors are a great take on sunburst mirrors.

Instagram | @msbeautiffull

And they were done with materials from the dollar store! The mirror, floral wire, and gems all came from the dollar store. Grab a can of spray paint and watch this Instagram for the full tutorial!

Yeah, this hack started at the dollar store.

The cutting boards were from Dollarama! Some brackets and screws did the rest. This is the epitome of farmhouse chic, and perfect for a kitchen area. I'm actually tempted to try this!

Dollar store jars + tape = magic.

This hack was done by a Montessori teacher! It's a great way to teach kids color theory, and how to put away their own things. I mean they won't, but it's a good idea.

Make your own terrariums!

Dollar stores are amazing places to find faux plants, especially trendy ones like succulents. I have a ton of them! Pick up some glass from the glass area and rocks from the craft aisle, and you have an entire dollar store DIY.

It's the wreath of it all.

Making a wreath is a great way to get into crafting! Flowers hide a multitude of sins, and the most expert ones will make your house look chic af.

This photo grid is so cute!

Instagram | @cadenceofwords

It was made from a random grid at the dollar store, then painted to not be the really ugly beige it came as. Clips and greenery were added to give it a little something extra!

Custom wall art is so fun to make.

This one was Pinterest inspired, and was done with crushed glass and spray paint. You can get all of that at the dollar store!

This is one of my favorite hacks.

There's something so hilariously fun about cutting open toy dinosaurs to make planters. So many people have done it, and I love it each time. I love the copper color they chose!

Upgrade your backsplash.

Guys, for real: this backsplash is from the dollar store. They're peel-and-stick tiles! The buyer painted their own pattern on them to give them a more custom look. I love them!

Dollar store stuff is just begging to be experimented on.

The stakes are low, but the payoff is high. This dip-dye marble experiment seriously looks high end! It was done with nail polish and dollar store bowls. Get the instructions here.

Watermelon sugar? High.

Honestly, why not take some dollar store paint to some dollar store jars? These cute mason jars make adorable watermelons, and the bottle is a really creative pineapple.

Make an air plant holder!

Seriously, how easy is this hack? I would definitely use all the soap before trying it, to be clear. Anyway, some scissors and rope turned that soap into a new home for those plant friends!

I want this frame.

How cute and custom is this? It's made of a wooden frame, cocktail toothpicks, and gold spray paint. It was inspired by a piece at Anthropologie, and I can totally see it.

This plant stand was made with a VERY surprising item.

Instagram | @budget_brii

It's plungers. Toilet plungers. Those legs are TOILET PLUNGERS. And they look amazing! The other part of the stand is a tray spray painted black. How cool is that?