People Are Pouring Packets Of Ranch Seasoning Into Jars Of Pickles For A Tart & Tangy Snack

Taylor Sakellis

When I see pickles, I see perfection. They are the ultimate snack for any time of day or night. They can be easily grabbed on the go, or paired with a little cheese and crackers action for a quick charcuterie when I have 30 minutes alone at the end of the day.

The idea of making pickles taste better seems crazy, but apparently, there is a way...

TikTok has recently become the haven of food hacks.


Let's just say the Food Network is sweating hard trying to come up with ideas as fast as these TikToker's are.

Who can forget the tortilla hack that blew-up the internet?

Gone are the days of simply rolling a tortilla — it's all about the triangle fold-over now, baby!

Or what about that baked feta pasta?

I will say this is one I tried and totally loved! To be fair, I have yet to meet a pasta dish I didn't totally fall in love with.

One trend I'm not dying to try anytime soon is the super low-carb cloud bread, made from egg whites, sugar and corn starch.

Call me crazy, but I like my bread to be a little bit more on the carb-heavy side.

Of course, some people love to take it a little too far...

Tell me you want to go viral without telling me you want to go viral.

It seems like people can't stop sharing their interesting food combos, which is how we've landed here, in the land of ranch pickles.

Yep, you read that right — ranch pickles.

The latest TikTok food trend involves pouring a packet of dry ranch seasoning into a jar of pickles.

As unappealing as it looks right now, people are claiming it tastes delicious!

All you have to do is dump the dressing, shake the bottle and let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours!

The result? A seemingly soupy ranch mixture that apparently tastes really good?

People all over social media are praising this pickle pairing!

Me, I still feel kind of on the fence about it...

If you can believe it though, people are going nuts for them!

"ayo the pickles and ranch thing is so good i ate the entire jar this morning," tweeted one TikTok foodie.

Some people even took the experiment further and added SPICY ranch seasoning1

"So pickles & fiesta ranch season (hidden valley packet) is soooo goood! Omgggg I love TikTok ..." raved one reviewer.

But hey, I love ranch *and* I l do love pickles, so in theory this *should* be perfect for me!

Will you be pouring your ranch seasoning into pickle jars anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below!