Video From 1997 Captures A Group Of Friends Reacting To Princess Diana's Death

It's hard to articulate the impact Princess Diana made on the world, for she was so much more than just a Royal. Diana was an inspiration to millions, a beacon of hope, as well as England's rose.

The news of her death united the world in a state of mourning. Now, nearly 25 years later, a video from 1997 has surfaced that captures a group of friends' reaction to Princess Diana's death.

The video begins with a group of friends/couples gathered around the table to play a game of UNO.

They all appear to be in good spirits and are only somewhat paying attention to the news.

At this point in time, all that had been announced was that Diana had been in a car accident.

As the video continues, the CNN banner headline is updated, proclaiming that Diana had been *seriously* injured in the crash.

Still, no noticeable change is registered in the overall demeanor or attitude of the men in the film.

Some even seem to think that this is all some kind of joke, not to be taken seriously.

But as soon as Diana's death is announced — everything changes.

All at once, all six men stop what they're doing, drop the cards, and immediately move into the living room to better hear the TV.

Their shocked silence is positively deafening.

Their true and honest reaction to Diana's death just goes to show how beloved the Princess truly was.

Ironically enough, this is considered by some to be the internet's very first "reaction video," considering that at the time — YouTube didn't even exist yet.

The man behind the camera, Alan Light, wrote in the description field that the news hit everyone at the table like a load of bricks.