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Princess Diana's Iconic Hairdo Is Making A Comeback Thanks To This Viral Tutorial

Princess Diana is a staple of history and her look has been nothing short of iconic. Throughout the 1980s, her style made headlines because she always combined classy and edgy, despite being part of the Royal Family.

Many people know Princess Diana based on just her iconic style.

Her hairstyle, for one, is something that was a signature of her look in the 1980s.

And, while some believe the '80s look isn't in style now, it happens to be making a huge comeback.

Now, many people can recreate the look thanks to TikTok.

One TikTok user showcased how we can recreate Princess Diana's signature hairstyle and because of the viral video, many are bringing back that '80s vibe.

Rose Nora Anna, who goes by @70srose, showcased the style.

Using an article from 1981, she showed how anyone today can make the signature look a reality.

She uses a specific style tool to make it work.

Rose uses the Remington AS800 Dry & Style Airstyler to make this look come alive.

It's essentially a curler with a brush component in it, too.

She clips her hair into sections before curling it outward.

Parting her hair into the sections to curl it, she uses the tool at a downward angle and curling the pieces outward.

The final product is a total slay.

Is that Princess Diana!? For real, this style looks exactly like that 1980s vibe.

And, you can get it yourself by following Rose's easy steps.

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