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19-Year-Old Who Set Up An OnlyFans For His Mom Says He 'Supports Her Choices'

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, OnlyFans has exploded in popularity. While its millions of users include musicians, fitness buffs, and various kinds of content creators, it's probably best known for its use by amateur models for racy photos.

One user, Luciane Duarte, has an account and an active following. The eyebrow-raising part, though, is that Duarte's son set up her account.

Both mother and son are models.

Luciane Duarte is a former pin-up model from Brazil, while her nineteen-year-old son, Leonardo Hathaway, has posed in magazines as well.

Hathaway has a couple thousand followers on Instagram, while his mom (no doubt helped by her OnlyFans account) has nearly a million.

How did the OnlyFans thing start?

Hathaway realized an account could net his mom a decent income during the pandemic (and it doesn't hurt that he'll be taking a percentage of her profits).

"When asked if I support her, I always ask back, 'Why shouldn't I?'" he said in an interview with the Daily Star.

It's going well so far.

Because both mom and son have worked as professional models, they both understand how modelling can lead to a big pay day.

"We have an incredible relationship between mother and child," said Hathaway. "I have to support her choices, just as she supports mine."

OnlyFans models can make serious bank.

There's no word on what kind of money Duarte makes, but a top-earning OnlyFans model can easily clear a six-figure income.

Since this story has gone viral, it's likely that Duarte has seen a spike in her number of followers, both on OnlyFans and Instagram.

It's raised a few eyebrows.

A lot of people likely can't even fathom the thought of setting up an account for one of their parents to share racy photos. But from all appearances, there's no weirdness here — just a mom and son who support one another on their various ventures.

Mom and son are happy with the arrangement.

Both are able to make money from the venture thanks to the OnlyFans paywall model.

While it might not work for everyone, it seems like an ideal business venture for a mom and son who work in the same business.

What do you think? Could you ever set up an OnlyFans account for one of your parents? Let us know in the comments!

h/t: The Daily Star