After Spending $21,000 Dollars At Salons, Woman Decides To Stop Coloring Her Hair

Many women like to get their hair professionally colored. Whether it's because they want to change their look or to cover up their natural color, many people opt to go to a salon to get the work done rather than do it at home, themselves.

However, salons can charge a lot for color.

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Getting professional work can be expensive. Some salons charge hundreds of dollars per session, and that's just the color job itself without wash and cut.

Some people decide to stop getting their hair colored due to the price.

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Miranda Parker is one of the women, who after looking at how much she spends on color, decided to opt out of continuing the process.

Parker had been coloring her hair for about 18 years.

Speaking to Bored Panda, she claims that overall she has spent $21,000 on coloring and hair treatments.

A lot of the coloring process for Parker was covering up her grays.

At 38-years-old, she decided to call it quits.

“I stopped coloring my hair at 38 years old. I was tired of the frequent salon visits and planning my life around my root touch-up schedule," she said.

At first, she was nervous about the major change.

"I was excited and nervous when I stopped dyeing my hair. I knew there would be judgment and I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough for that. But I also felt like if I could get through it, that I would really like the color," she continued.

At first, Parker began simply growing out her grays.

The process began as she grew out her natural gray hair and began sharing photos of her journey, calling it a "grombe" on social media.

Now, Parker embraces her natural hair color.

She shares dozens of photos of her natural locks on social media and claims that she "loves" the color and how healthy it is without all of the dye weighing it down.

While it took a long time to grow out, Parker said it's "worth it."

"It’s a long journey, but it has been SO worth it. I am proud to rock my silver. It’s made me a stronger and more confident woman," she wrote on Instagram.

Now, Parker is inspiring other women to also grow their natural color out, too.

Many people comment on Parker's Instagram posts saying that her confidence is inspiring and that they, too, want to grow out their natural hair color after seeing her feed.

Wow, it's really beautiful!

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