99-Cent Disco Ball Is Transformed Into The Glamorous DIY Planter Of Our Dreams

in case you haven't noticed, the '70s are back, big-time. Everyone is getting in touch with their inner Saturday Night Fever and the nostalgia has even extended to our home decor. One TikTok user recently shared their DIY disco ball planter and it's so on-trend. Blast some Bee Gees and get ready to make one of these for your own home!

Time to hit up the dollar store.

Sorry, I mean the 99 cent store. Status, aka @butwaspunkalive, found this gem of a decor piece for — you guessed it — $0.99. It's hard to resist doing DIY when you find something shiny at that price.

It was a surprisingly nice disco ball, actually.

I'm almost sad to see it destroyed! I wasn't expecting that to look as good as it does, but DIYs wait for no shiny disco balls. Here we go.

Status methodically picked the mirror off.

I genuinely can't imagine how tedious this was, my goodness. They picked off the mirror bits to reveal a hollow styrofoam core. Can you imagine if it wasn't hollow? That would have been such a waste of time.

Bust out the pumpkin carving kit.

I love that humans see a round object and go, "That's just a different kind of pumpkin, I can carve that."

Honestly, for this project, that pumpkin carving kit will get the job done.

Carving came next.

Once the mirror tiles were off, Status had to carve out the hole at the top to make a big enough opening for the planter. Pop a hole in the bottom of the ball, too — for drainage!

Time to waterproof the interior.

Since Status plans on putting an actual, real plant in this planter, they had to make the inside waterproof. They used liquid rubber flex seal, but that turned out to be a huge mistake.


Turns out that flex seal eats styrofoam. Perhaps just try attaching some rubber tarp or lining inside the ball instead? I suspect most liquids will eat styrofoam, tbh.

You'll need some hanging hardware, too.

I wish I'd known this kind of thing existed before I McGyvered a hole into my apartment ceiling with a drill and duct tape, tbh. Don't make my mistakes.


She is the dancing queen, you and sweet, those leaves are super green...

Anyway. Would you try this hack out? I think it looks so fun! Let me know if you'd give it a go!