Ceramic Stitch Planter Might Be The Cutest One In The Galaxy


That's what you'll exclaim every time you pass this Stitch planter, which you and I both know would look great in your home. I mean, who doesn't need a succulent planter shaped like Stitch's head?

This planter is almost painfully adorable.

Look at his little face! I love him so much, and so will you. Why? Because this planter is great for about a million reasons, but chief among them is that it comes with a faux plant. No plant-killing around here, y'all!

He's the perfect addition to any Disney-loving home.

The planter is made of ceramic, so you can actually plant a real plant in there if you really want to. I can't keep a plant alive to save my life, so I will be skipping that option.

The planter is available at BoxLunch.

AKA one of the best places to get some geek chic decor for your home! Stitch is on sale right now for $20.93, regularly $29.90. That's not a bad deal, tbh.

If you're still in the mood to buy adorable planters...

May I recommend this teeny tiny Baby Yoda planter? This thing is so cute that I want to die. Imagine having this next to Stitch? Adorable overload.