15+ Startling Pics That Look More Sinister Than They Really Are

An initial glance at something can sometimes offer a wildly inaccurate perspective into what's actually going on. Look a little harder and it all becomes clear.

But sometimes, that first glimpse has the power to make things seem downright sinister.

Like us.

Reddit | CYBERSson

This is a downright creepy photo on first glance. Even after a closer look, I'm still more than a little bit unnerved.


Reddit | pkbaxter

This monitor is sitting firmly on the desk, right? Because, between you and me, it looks like it's spookily levitating in mid-air.

Pensive Muppet.

Reddit | lynivvinyl

Imagine sitting in a waiting room, totally bored, then glancing up to see this sight. I'd probably walk right out of there.

It's right behind you!

Reddit | thegreatgavsby

People in Istanbul are used to the many stray cats throughout the city, but this one appears a little larger than most.

Don't let go.

Reddit | wellReinsure32

This is a fun perspective trick. From almost any other angle, this pic would look like what it is: a guy lying down in a tunnel.

Someone's at the door.

Reddit | spetznaz11

Doorbell cameras are a good thing. Before they existed, we'd just blindly open the door to whoever or whatever was standing outside.

Don't lose your head.

I'm still having some trouble getting my head around this one. Did someone in this hug literally dislocate their head?

Bird Person.

Reddit | nwa747

This perfectly-timed photo gives the impression of a crow that's mastered bipedal movement. It was a good run for us humans, but clearly the birds run things now.

It has a body, right?

Reddit | sozazac

Cows are big animals, which makes it a little bit weird that this cow's head is enough to completely block out the rest of its body.

*Jurassic Park theme intensifies*.

Reddit | bedgarter

This guy is doing an impressive core workout, but all I see is a spooked tyrannosaurus rex running away from the camera.

Don't forget your peepers.

Reddit | youngack

Either someone wears glasses that look a lot like googly eyes, or these glasses are capturing the reflection of the light.

Shouldn't someone help her?

Reddit | shortFoil780

The way this sign is fastened — combined with the model's frankly disturbing body alignment — make this look a lot worse than it really is.


Reddit | miklescosta

This is a next-level perspective trick. As far as I can tell, the 'falling' person just had to jump in the air in a certain way to make this possible.

How'd you get in there?

Reddit | randomhiro7

Apparently, this dog is just peeking around the corner from behind a door, but I could swear it had become one with the wall.

Ghost pants.

Reddit | wowsuchwows

On the left side of this pic, it looks a lot like a leg wearing pants with no body attached.

Nothing creepy at all.

Reddit | Aukrust

If more of Stephen King's novels took place in the mountains, this would look just like a scene from one of them.

They're here.

Reddit | SoVeryKerry

If you have spooky UFO-looking ceiling lights, you'll occasionally be able to look out your window and see spooky UFO-looking reflections.

Fog fishing.

Reddit | Eyekosaeder

I find the fog to be super creepy, but this random dude evidently likes to lean right into that creepiness.

Nice sunset.

Reddit | lukasaeg

Don't worry, this isn't a wildfire.

You could be forgiven for thinking this was a pic of a blazing inferno, but it's actually just a brilliantly vivid sunset.

Don't crack the coffee.

Reddit | borneatsea

What would cause a cup of coffee to look like this? I have no idea, but I'm pretty sure this cup is cursed.

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