Chocolate-Covered Pickles Exist For The Ultimate Sweet And Salty Combo

When it comes to food combinations, there's nothing better than having salty and sweet together. The tanginess of salty and the savory sweetness go hand-in-hand to make for a delicious snack.

Pickle lovers know that anything goes well with pickles.

Unsplash | David Todd McCarty

On sandwiches or by themselves, if you love pickles, you LOVE pickles. There is no way around it.

Now, there's a new snack that is perfect for pickle lovers.

If you love salty and sweet and love pickles, the latest trend of chocolate-covered pickles is for you.

Popping up all over social media, these look amazing.

Some people think they look extra intriguing and amazing, while others think it's totally gross and disgusting.

And, they're sold in stores, too.

If you want to try them, you can head over to Malleys and see if there are any stores near you. Or, you can do the DIY version and make some yourself!

Will you be snacking on chocolate-covered pickles?