Pringles Releases Wavy Deep-Fried Pickle Chips That Taste Like The Real Thing

Pickles are so hot right now. In fact, they might just be the new bacon.

See, people are making pickle everything right now. Pringles decided to jump on that train and create a limited-edition pickle chip — and it actually looks pretty good.

This is the latest in a string of interesting releases from Pringles.

From burger flavors to diving into world of NFCs (aka CryptoArt), Pringles has been keeping it a little weird here in 2021. The pickles flavor almost makes sense, really.

Check 'em out.

I don't know why I expected them to be green, but, boy, did I. Anyway, these limited-edition, wavy chips aren't just pickle chips — they're deep-fried pickle chips.

So, where can you get pickle chips?

In an interesting, twist, Pringles chose to only release them through Dollar General. Yup, you'll have to hit up an American dollar store to get your hands on those puppies.

I have some good news, though.

Unsplash | Giorgio Trovato

If you don't live near a Dollar General, you can actually hop onto their website and order some for yourself for $1.55! Come through, living in the future!