Elderly Man Takes Hair And Makeup Lessons So He Can Help His Aging Wife

People say that a successful marriage is marked by surviving the test of time. However, we think it's not just about time, it's about keeping the fire going in true style.

One elderly man both literally and figuratively embodies this notion through his determination to learn how to do hair and makeup, just so he's able to help his aging wife.

The man's wife was struggling to maintain her looks herself.

Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics in Red Deer had a new student with a very unique story.

As City News reported, the unidentified man came in one day and shared that his wife often burns herself trying to use a curling iron, and is losing her vision so she's been unable to do her own makeup. He wanted to help her feel confident, so they offered him an impromptu cosmetology class on the spot.

He came hoping to learn how to curl hair, but left knowing so much more.

School director Carrie Hannah not not only ensured that he learned how to curl his wife's hair, but she also taught him how to apply mascara.

After 31 years working in beauty, Hannah said she's never encountered a student like this man. He truly cares about making his wife feel special.

His story has gone viral on Facebook.

Hair Designs by Britney posted a series of photos of this husband at the college's salon and it quickly collected over 100,000 likes. The post shared his background story, and people online were truly touched.

"Heartwarming story from both angles," one user commented. "His wife is so blessed to have him. I had one of those husbands. Thank you for your kindness in teaching him. Too many people don’t want to spend time with us elderly folks."

This is truly a relationship goal for many.

Unsplash | Nani Chavez

This story has so many people feeling touched and inspired by this husband's initiative to do something special for his wife.

Let us know what you think of this heartwarming story in the comments and if you feel like this was a true gesture of true love.

h/t: City News