Security Footage Shows Dog Saving 13-Year-Old Pomeranian From Drowning In Pool

Most people only think of dogs as being man's best friend, but sometimes, they can also be other dog's best friend too. Especially, when it comes to this video of one heroic Staffordshire bull terrier saving a senior Pomeranian from drowning in their family's pool.

This is one scare that quickly became quite the story of triumph, quick-thinking, and canine heroism.

It all started one day in Boksburg, South Africa.

As PEOPLE reported, Byron and Melissa Thanarayen of Boksburg, South Africa were horrified to discover that their 13-year-old Pomeranian named Chucky had fallen into their backyard pool and nearly drowned to death.

The security camera footage shows the elderly dog struggling to keep his head above the water,

Luckily, their 7-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier arrived just in time.

Their terrier named Jessie showed up to the terrifying scene and immediately took action to try and save her pal Chucky.

It took her about 30 minutes of struggle and stride before Jessie was able to finally gran a hold of the floundering Chucky and pull him safely out of the water.

It actually took awhile for the couple to piece together what happened.

They first thought perhaps the sopping-wet dogs had simply put their faces in the water. They had trained the dogs to stay out the pool when they weren't home, but it hadn't occurred to them that one of their dogs might have fallen in.

It wasn't until they checked their security footage that they realized what had actually taken place.

Check out the full video below.

It was time for a few more safety measures.

After such a sobering realization, the couple decided to not only teach both dogs how to be skilled swimmers but also have a pool cover present when they can't supervise the dogs. This could have ended in tragedy, luckily, it ended in triumph.

Let us know what you think of this inspiring story of bravery in the comments and if you've ever had a similar dog scare.


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