Man Proposes To His Girlfriend With 5 Different Engagement Rings

From Disney movies to shows like Say Yes to The Dress, people have become enamored with the idea of living happily ever after with their soulmate.

Most brides are excited to get one ring to represent a loving marriage proposal, so when one woman got five different engagement rings, she was definitely falling head over heels in love.

It was the proposal of a lifetime.

We can imagine most future grooms being a little grumpy when they see just how high of a bar William Hunn has now set for wedding proposals.

According to CNN, the now groom-to-be from Atlanta had been dating his girlfriend Brittney Miller for about a year after the pair met in college when he knew it was time to pop the question.

He had been planning for months.

Hunn decided nearly four months ago that he wanted to ask Miller to be his wife, and he knew exactly when he wanted to do it: Easter weekend.

What he didn't plan on, however, was popping the question with not one, but five diamond rings.

While the wide selection wasn't in the original proposal plan, everything suddenly came together while he was at his jeweler's.

Miller had previous shown interest in five rings in particular, so he joked to his jeweler about buying all five and letting her choose which one she wanted to wear on her finger.

But although it started as a joke, he realized he could actually present five different rings to his bride-to-be to pick from.

Above all else, he just wanted the proposal to be special, so he made sure it was truly one his bride-to-be would never forget.

Unsplash | agus donat (not actual photo)

The loved-up festivities began with a helicopter ride above and around Atlanta.

Miller had no idea what her boyfriend had in store for her. In fact, she thought they were just going to a wine tasting.

When the helicopter landed on a helipad, Miller figured they were going to snap a few photos up there.

But when they emerged from the aircraft, all their loved ones were there to greet them.

That's when Miller knew that Hunn was going to pop the question, but little did she know it would be with all five rings she had previously told him she liked the most.

With her boyfriend down on one knee in front of her and holding not one but five rings, Miller said "yes."

Presented with all those glittery rings, she was then able to pick exactly which one she wanted to wear.

As for the rest, Hunn sold them back to the jeweler for a reduced price.

As it turns out, Hunn had spent a month teasing the proposal to his unsuspecting girlfriend.

In an Instagram video posted by Miller captioned "His 30 day ring challenge," we see her in various shots along with a diamond ring that Hunn manages to keep hidden from her, while also flashing it in plain sight.

The best part? That ring in the video is exactly the one that Miller ended up choosing!

Let us know what you think of this amazing proposal in the comments and if you'd ever want to have such a magical proposal.

h/t: CNN