15+ Surprising Pics That Left Us Confused And Disoriented

Given the rather steady comfort of our lives, it's surprising how little it takes for us to be thrown off our rhythm. Be it simple confusion or a total shift in reality, we can wind up feeling pretty shaken.

Mind-benders fill this list, optical illusions or just "off" sights. They sure did leave us confused and disoriented.

"I took this photo of my wife and baby, and it’s just an odd wrist angle, but [expletive] it is still weird as hell."

Don't worry, it's just Thing! I don't know if he's good with kids or not, but your baby seems to be having fun and that's all that matters.

"Our chicken just laid a shell-less egg."

I didn't know a squishy egg could cause such visceral discomfort, but here we are with a shiver going down my spine.

"Neighbors tree was struck by lightning, it now blooms in different stages."

There was some debate in the comments about whether this tree was actually struck by lightning, but I'm just taken by the pink skirt/white top combo. Perfect for spring!

"Here’s Yuki looking like she had a massive growth spurt."

I will now spend the rest of my day looking at my own cat wishing she could get this big. She might not fit into my apartment anymore but she'd make for a great pillow.

"My friend's shoes look like they are screaming."

How does something with no eyes and no real mouth convey such strong emotion? I'm seeing anguish, dispair...maybe they need some days off.

"Mini real $1 Dollar Bill. Shrunken down with chemicals."

You're going to throw some poor cashier for a real loop with this one. Have fun convincing them it isn't fake!

"Our curtain was open perfectly enough to make it a pinhole camera by accident reflecting an image of the building across the street."

Does this function like a running projector? If someone walked by, could you see it? Can you get a 24-hour stream of the street right in your own room?

'What fog trapped in a valley looks like from the air."

Considering how many people were saying they thought this was frost on the window or snow-capped peaks, it's interesting to see how many natural phenomena form the same natural patterns.

"My fortune cookie today sounds more like a showerthought."

My guess is not much. I don't think those sponges suck up as much water as this is implying.

"Corner toilet."

This toilet is clearly designed for corners, so this must happen often enough, but that doesn't make it any less weird to look at.

"A neighbor making the most of a downed tree."

When I first saw this photo, I could only perceive it as that tree in the back being pulled up and these stumps were its massive roots being exposed, which was terrifying.

I get it now, it's fine.

"Found this cool sand erosion while out on a hike the other day."

This is sand? It looks like a finely detailed wood carving, to the point that I still kind of believe it is.

"Apparently there’s a nationwide ketchup shortage."

Shortages happen all the time, of course, but this one is just so random, you'd never expect it.

"Sheep forming circles."

Forget crop circles, sheep circles are the new sign of alien visitation.

"Fire Rainbow Phenomenon seen in Fiji."

This looks like a daytime version of an aurora borealis and it's beautiful! The colors and the way they flow together is stunning.

"This giant golfer."

Surely this would put him at a disadvantage, right? He'd have a harder time controlling his strength when hitting the ball.

He could be right next to the hole and still send it flying.

"Sexy carrot keychain... from Japan."

Good for those carrots! They spent a long time building up their self-confidence enough to pose like this, they should flaunt it!

"I just snapped this pic and found that I also captured an accidental Tinkerbell."

This person posting this all nonchalantly as if they didn't capture photographic evidence of fairies existing.

"This Car for One."

It looks like they put a Smart car in a panini press and sent it into the wild.

"This 2D café we visited in Seoul."

Yes, this is actually a real place.

This one actually hurts my brain to try and perceive correctly, which I guess means they did a good job when designing it.

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