Twitter Sounds Off After Catching Trump Not Following His Own Coca Cola Boycott

Over the past week, a law that restricts voting access in Georgia has been the subject of fierce political debate and fallout from business leaders within the state and beyond.

As we discussed last week, this bill required additional identification to cast mail-in votes, limited the number of ballot boxes available for these ballots, empowered the state to take over county election boards, and even criminalized providing food and water to people waiting at polling places.

According to USA Today, the bill has since drawn condemnation from Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, three of Atlanta's major sports teams, and compelled Major League Baseball to pull this year's All-Star Game out of the state.

In response, former president Donald Trump has urged supporters to "boycott baseball and all of the woke companies that are interfering with Free and Fair Elections," but one recent photo on Twitter seems to suggest he's struggling to do this himself.

And others on the platform weren't about to let that fly under their radars.

The photo in question comes from a tweet by former Trump administration adviser Stephen Miller that marked a meeting with the former president.

On the surface, it appeared to be a photo op like any other Trump had with his smiling supporters during his time in office.

However, sharp-eyed viewers quickly noticed a familiar bottle peeking out from behind the phone on his desk.

From there, users had a field day making fun of Trump both for his apparent failure to follow his own Coca-Cola boycott days after announcing it and for what seemed like a shoddy attempt to hide the bottle.

As is inevitable in situations like this, it wasn't long before the memes started showing up.

Not only does this one illustrate how much the bottle stuck out for this person but it even makes the bottle seem a little embarrassed to be there.

Another user was less than surprised at the development given how fond of the drink Trump has shown himself to be.

And indeed, that button did exist and since a butler immediately brought a Diet Coke after Trump pressed it in front of Tom Newton Dunn, that appeared to be its only purpose.

It was removed shortly after President Joe Biden took office.

As one person noted, it was also hard to imagine a worse hiding place they could have chosen for the bottle.

While his tweet featured a lot of speculation behind Trump's reasoning for choosing that spot, he is nonetheless right that we'd have no way of knowing the bottle was there if it was placed on the floor behind his desk.

As is the case surprisingly often, it appeared there was also an ironic tweet by Trump himself that fit the situation.

There was a whole Reddit community dedicated to cataloguing these tweets but you'd be hard pressed to find one that foreshadowed an event in his life as specific as this one.

But while many users were fixated on the Coke bottle, others couldn't help but notice some other unusual features in the background of the photo.

For instance, one user was puzzled to discover that Trump apparently has a miniature statue of himself in his new office.

And if this commenter is right about the moment the statue is referencing, that makes the mystery behind it even more fascinating.

But while some of the discoveries people spotted seemed oddly revealing, others were just kind of funny.

It's obviously hard to tell in this zoomed-in photo, but those coins do bear a bunch of official insignia and it's not outside of the realm of possibility that that's where Trump got them.

From there, people's attention turned to the photos hanging on Trump's walls.

Considering that Trump has been reported as saying that his dream was to have his face added to Mount Rushmore, this person's take on why it's in his office isn't entirely off-base.

Judging by its companion piece, however, another user had a different theory for why that picture was there.

It's hard to spot at first but that photo of Mount Rushmore also has the Marine One helicopter flying in front of it.

That definitely explains why the other photo simply shows a plane in flight, as that plane is none other than Air Force One.

Finally, one person couldn't help but notice what the former president had laid out on his desk.

Above the newspaper was a stack of other papers and at least from the angle the photo was taken at, they appeared to be blank.

This led folks to believe that Trump was trying to look busy long after he needed to.

So while the hidden Coke bottle was the focal point of a lot of people's ridicule, it's clear they found no shortage of things to make fun of.