20 Bizarre Decisions That People Made

The ability to commit to something fully is a trait that ought to be admired more. Through thick and thin, some people will stand by their choices and not let anything or anyone shake their confidence.

These types of people are shown off in this list with bizarre decisions that they committed to for some reason. May we all aspire to be them.

Starting off strong and...loud.

Maybe not what most of us are used to, but at least it's unique? And the paint job is quite impressive.

"[This] car with 'Sorry' and 'Thanks' light boards in the rear window."

I need this so badly. I'm an anxious driver, I need to be both overly apologetic and overly thankful to everyone else on the road.

"My parents got this spray bottle of Windex in 1979 and have been reusing it ever since."

This has to just be a point of pride thing as I don't even think it counts as recycling. Still, pretty cool how it's held up for so long even after tons of use.

"The tailpipe adds 20 HP."

There is not one decision in the long line of them that got this car here that I understand, but I do respect them.

"Someone knitted a spring hat for my local postbox."

Postboxes are allowed to be fashionable too! This one looks lovely with all those flowers.

"This car shaped like a high heel."

Everywhere you drive to you could claim you walked there. That's how that works, right?

"This graffiti I found in a little town."

Listen, partying with some aliens sounds pretty cool. Whatever happens, it has to be more interesting than life down here.

"The luggage carts at my hotel all had names from Harry Potter - Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Luna Lovegood."

The best part is this probably works. Personify something even a little and people will act way differently about it.

"My workshop fireplace made from an old excavator bucket."

Now this is recycling, and it probably works pretty well too! Not to mention what a statement piece it is.

"This classic car I found with blinds."

In what situation would you want to block out your back window? Whatever that is, this guy's prepared.

"Sugar and spice and a little bit of why bro, why?"

This is super impressive, I really like it. Yeah, it's pretty out there, but so what? Life's too short to not be bold (if you want to).

"This bag of milk on a telephone pole."

This is funny for about one day. Then it becomes a health hazard for the whole neighborhood.

"This table..."

I always knew I was tacky but I never knew to what extent. It's to this extent. I love this table.

"A circuit board covered truck I walked past in Albuquerque."

From a distance, this could be camouflage, newspaper, or some sort of wood paneling. Did not expect 'circuit boards' to be the real answer.

"My neighbors have animals carved into their tree stump."

Wood carvings aren't that bizarre, but I've never seen them as a front yard feature like this.

"I made a really short ethernet cable."

You'll get the fastest internet imaginable with this thing, loading things at light speed!

"A bit of light relaxation in Turin, Italy."

Great, now on my nice stroll through the park, if I want to take a seat I have to third-wheel a couple of light posts.

"This giant propane tank that was painted to look like a [Prozac] capsule."

This seems like a weird advertising campaign, but it's big enough that it can't help but work.

"I threw out some ground cinnamon at work and it spontaneously created art and extra terrestrial hieroglyphs."

You don't know it yet, but future historians will use this photo to help identify alien languages left on earth by mysterious visitors.

"I made a marble track on a post box."

Postboxes are also allowed to be...marble tracks? Do people even carry marbles anymore?

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