Bring Out Your Inner Goth With A Crochet Bat Planter

If you're like me, you're of the strong opinion that Halloween is simply the best holiday there is. Sure, Christmas is fine, and Easter is good for some candy. But Halloween is it.

The decorations, the costumes, the fun — Halloween is just the bee's knees. So why not keep the spooky going all year long with some crocheted bat planters?

Admit it, you were not expecting something this cute.

I am dying at how small they are! The little wings, the ears, the TINY FEET...I could not be more thrilled with my future planters. Yes, they're already in my Etsy cart. I know what I'm about.

How perfect are these for succulents?

I absolutely love the Halloween succulent color palette happening here. Pick up some real or fake succulents and dot these little guys around your house for maximum spookiness!

Here are some of the details:

Each bat measures about four inches tall, ears included. They'll fit a two-three inch wide plant pot. Make sure not to water your succulents inside the bat — it is made of yarn, after all!

You can get your bat friend on Etsy.

Created and made by Etsy seller GraceDuhLeeDesigns, each bat planter is sold individually and is available for $15. Happy Halloween in March, everyone! Enjoy your new little bat planter!

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