15+ Things That We Can't Believe People Made

Have you ever been struck by a creative bug? An inspired idea or burning desire to make something? Not all of us are able to refute that urge, but that doesn't mean it always goes well.

This list is a collection of things that people sure have made, but we really can't believe they did.

"My neighbor made these skull adirondack chairs and a matching table."

Starting off extremely strong with this set. I want these so bad, is your neighbor taking orders?

"Crocheted spare wheel cover spotted in the wild [..]."

The colors are nice! Here's hoping you don't live in a place where it rains. Like, ever.

"Seen at a hospital in Argentina [...]."

Healthcare budget cuts are hitting everywhere hard, it seems.

"Bed monitor hanger [...]."

Step one, have a bunk bed. That's crucial for every step afterwards.

"Found this hanging in the closet of my new house."

Can't exactly figure out why they'd want to do this, but whatever the reason, it was simple yet effective!

"This litterbox vent system I made with 2 pc fans and some ductwork. (It's in a semi)."

I was about to question the state of your cat's digestive health before you mentioned that last bit. I understand why you need this now.

"I found a candle that looks like a bowl of cereal."

In case anyone was wondering, yes, it does smell like fruit loops and yes, the bowl and spoon are usable after the candle is finished.

"Miniature bird table I made in my Dad's workshop."

It's patio season for everyone! Get the squirrels and raccoons in on it too!

"And upside down umbrella keeps all your tools and fittings from the bottom of the ocean."

One of those deceptively simple ideas that make you feel silly for having not come up with it yourself.

"A glove I made out of twisty ties."

Not sure if I would call this a glove as I don't think it's wearable. Or if it is, it sure wouldn't be comfortable.

"This 100+ y.o. Walnut Carved with Tiny Faces."

An incredible display of detailed woodcarving skills that leaves me wondering why.

"This hitch modification..."

Where there's a will and someone with a pickup truck, there's a way.

"No dentist's office is complete without random rocks in the bathroom sink."

Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd read. Or a picture I ever thought I'd see.

"Spaghetti colored with vegetables!"

If you're wondering, the uploader went on to explain the dyes used, "Left to right: Blue Pea Flower Tea, Beetroot, Turmeric, Blue Pea Flower Tea + Lemon, and Red Cabbage + Turmeric."

"Foam to the rescue."

For looks, maybe, but anything more serious than that and I think that foam will flake on you.


Not soft, not comfortable, not easy to clean, easily stained, is there any upside to this?

Paving your own way.

I'm no carpenter but just glancing at this, I can think of at least two different ways that this could have been handled that are far less cursed.

"Sidewalk art looking like a dinosaur + a mouse."

Not just looking like, it is a dinosaur and a mouse! That dino looks like he's yawning though, maybe he's due for a nap.

"Handle broke so I improvised."

Not to worry, you can pass this off as some rustic natural edge type style and no one will bat an eye.

"This old machine has a 'Don't Care' button."

I could use this button on every machine I have. If I don't want to deal with something, just hit 'Don't Care' and let it be whisked away from me.

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