10+ Dramatic Before-And-After Photos From Women Who Dared To Change Their Hair Color

One thing that's really fun about being a woman is being creative with your hair. It's like a calling card for some women.

Many of us undergo various changes in styles over the years, and the most dramatic is usually the color change. I've done a few of those myself. So today, I'm sharing with you some bold before-and-after photos. Enjoy!

From Brown To Fiery

Let's talk about a hair transformation, shall we? I don't know if I would ever go for something this drastic, but kudos to this bold lady. I wonder how her hair looks in the sun, huh?

From Orange To Feeling Blue

I bet this lady doesn't feel blue about her recent color change. If I got a hair color like this one, I would be pretty happy. I really love how this blue hue looks on her.

From Plain Blond To Pretty In Pink

If you ever get tired of your blond locks, look no further than this color inspiration here. I think this is such a fun look indeed. Would you dye your hair this pink hue?

From Blah To Wow

Speaking of pink hair, how about this makeover here? Does the wind come with the new hairdo, too, hehe? This lady's new style looks so good I'm pretty envious. What about you? Is this something you would do?

From Boring To Bold

Here's a color we don't see often, huh? Not many people walk around with dark and velvety blue hair indeed. I bet this his lady must turn heads wherever she goes. I guess she better get used to it.

From Messy Blond To Platinum Bombshell

I used to have blond hair however I never went as far as the platinum blond bombshell. I think it takes a certain person to pull a look like this off. What do you think?

From Outgrown Foilayage To Purple Lover

This is the kind of hairdo that makes you say "Purple hair, don't care.". Did I tell you that one of my favorite colors is purple? So I'm definitely digging this fun hue.

From Girl-Next-Door To Goddess

Oh my! It's hard to believe this is the same lady here. She looked so innocent in the "before" photo. Now she turned into a total goddess, no? I totally love this color combo.

From Beach Babe To Mermaid Blue

Honestly, I love all these dramatic color choices here. But I don't think I would ever go as bold as this. It's definitely a show-stopping look for sure. It brings out this lady's blue eye color, too.

From Plain To In Love With Autumn

I know we are about to welcome spring, but this autumn-inspired hair is giving me all the right vibes here. It is the kind of look I would love to have one day.

From Boring To Mermaid

Oh my goodness, isn't this quite a change of color here or what? This lady's hair looked a little weathered, but now it's absolutely amazing. I think she would be the envy of any mermaid lover out there.

From Gray To Color Gradient

Wow, can you believe this bold change here? I have to say I need to give major props to this lady for going for this dramatic look. I think her hair looks absolutely stunning. Do you agree?

From Forgettable To Memorable

Nobody is going to forget seeing this lady from now on. I would definitely remember a beautiful red color like this one. Looking at her hair is making me miss the time I had red hair.

Wow, if this isn't some great hair color inspiration, I don't know what is, ha, ha!

Perhaps this will make you want to visit a salon very soon. Have you ever made a dramatic hair color change before? Or are you thinking of embarking on one right now?