15+ Strange Sights That Nobody Expected To See Today

Life can get kinda repetitive from time to time. Not Groundhog Day repetitive, but enough so that it starts to feel like a drag.

Thankfully, the smallest of changes can shake things up, even if it's a random sighting you happen upon. Kind of like the ones on this list of strange sights that nobody expected to see today.

"Saw this outside the dispensary today."

Hoping a ladder drops out the side when the doors are opened. Or a climbing rope.

'I unintentionally smudged KFC grease on a [receipt], revealing a redback spider from an ad on the other side."

I'll take 'Things That Would Make Me Scream In Public' for $800.

"One of my eggs had blood in it."

Oh great, something I didn't know could happen but will now worry about for the rest of my life.

"This truck in a tree I found while driving through the woods."

Surely the only explanation for this is magic, right? Magic or aliens?

"A different view of cat's paws."

Perfect, now I have a reason to stare even more intently at my cat when she does her cute little stretches.

"Midlife Crisis For Sale - $12,000."

It's a little early for me, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't considering it.

"A tree split down the middle by lightning."

Let's pretend that truck has been parked there the whole time, thank God it didn't split the other way.

"This soda comes with a straw already inside."

Maybe it's just down to location, but I've seen more people use straws for cans than I have bottles. Can't knock the convenience, though.

"This is what happens when a chicken lays a shell-less egg."

Another disturbing egg photo on the list, okay. Might be skipping breakfast tomorrow just to recover.

"The way this tree has grown to bend the give way sign on my street."

It's just doing what it said it would do, give way!

"This gigantic PG&E art installation near my work."

You could tell me that this is how cities get powered and I'd believe you.

"A bald eagle opened my neighbors trash and picked through it."

It will forever be funny that bald eagles, made out to be a symbol of majesticness and strength, are really trash-eating scavengers.

"This teal colored wood and fungus I found on a hike."

Pretty sure you picked up a woodland wizard's wand. You might want to return that, he really can't lose it!

"These Manolo Blahnik roller skate heels I saw in Montreal CA."

Didn't think heels could get even more precarious/dangerous, but here we are.

That being said, there is definitely someone out there who could skate expertly in these, and I live in awe of them.

"My ice pack popped."

Huh. Didn't know they could do that. Looks kind of satisfying, to be honest.

"One of the leaves on this monstera plant grew through a hole in one of the other leaves."

That's how you know they're best friends! Is this the plant equivalent of holding hands?

"I came downstairs and noticed my dryer looked like a portal to another world."

Place your bets, would this portal lead to somewhere like Narnia, or would it be more like the Other World from Coraline?

"My new rat trap connects to wifi and they want me to 'share my experience through social media.'"

Everything's moving towards a high-tech future, but not everything needs to.

"[This] random bathtub on forest land."

Woodland creatures need baths too! I'm talking foxes, bears, nymphs, the wizard I mentioned earlier, they all deserve to be clean!

"Found this golden spider at my school."

It's like finding a golden ticket but you don't get chocolate and someone will probably scream if they see it.

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