Stunning Stained Glass Agave Planters Get Illuminated By The Sun

So, you've done it all. You've killed the un-killable plants. You've thrown out more succulents than you can count. In short, your thumb just isn't all that green.

I completely understand. And as a replacement for those plants, may I offer you: stained glass plants.

Etsy saves the day once again.

Etsy | NeilNeilOrangePeels

What can't you find on Etsy these days? It's the absolute perfect place to find a handmade gift, or a nice treat for yourself. Take this stained glass Agave plant by NeilNeilOrangePeels, for example!

This monstera leaf is everything.

This plant pick is the perfect accompaniment for any plant. It lets the sun in, it sparkles beautifully, and it's made with so much love. You can get this one for $115!

Let's throw a rainbow into it.

Sorry, but in what world would you NOT want a rainbow all across your living room? That's what I thought. You can get this little rainbow friend for $69.99, with or without the pot.

Or make your beach decor fantasy come true with this amazing planter!

If you're into the reclaimed, beach-weathered look (which I definitely am), then you'll love this trio of stained glass agave plants nestled in a log! It's available for $125.00.