10+ TikTok Hacks For People Who Kill Their Houseplants

Do you love plants, but just can't seem to keep them alive? Don't worry, we're totally in the same boat.

Luckily, TikTok has our backs, as usual. Let's learn how to keep plants alive, even if you don't exactly have a green thumb!

These guys have three plant recommendations for you!

You gotta love @probablythis, an account run by Beau and Matt. They have some helpful tips for keeping your plants alive, including some plants you'll have a hard time killing!

The ZZ plant is pretty kill-proof.

You'll see succulents and ZZ plants listed on "easy to care for plant" lists over and over for a good reason — they really are that easy. They just want to be left alone, which I think we can all relate to.

Their last recommendation was Pothos.

Pothos thrives when left alone. I know, because mine is growing at an insane rate, and I barely water it. Let it go forth and grow wild, my friends.

Use a special, homemade solution to get rid of gnats!

Ah, gnats. The true enemy of plant owners everywhere. TikTok user @auroramccausland rescued a plant from gnats by mixing together a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide and four parts water!

Achieve fuller plants with propagation!

If you want your plants to look fuller (or you just want more plants), then you're going to need to propagate them! Follow @reagankastner's instructions and make yourself some more plants!

Try bottom watering!

Rather than guessing at how much water your plants need, let them decide! Fill a tray with water and sit your small to medium sized plants in it for about 10 minutes. The plants will soak up what they need!

Use an old candle jar from Bath and Body Works as a plant pot!

This works best for four-inch plant pots. They'll slide right into the old candle jar, but won't touch the bottom! Not only is this good for drainage, but this whole idea is a really chic way to display your plants.

But wait, those candles have another use!

If you hang your plants in macramé plant holders, use the lid from your Bath and Body Works candle to hold the plant up! That looks so good, you guys.

Never forget the plant food.

TikTok user @melissafrusco got a tip from another TikTok that Miracle Gro's spray plant food was a must, and boy were they right. In less than a month, her fiddle leaf fig grew two new leafs!

Always be on the lookout for root rot.

Root rot can happen with over or under watering. If your plant looks brown and a little dry, make sure the roots aren't an orange color. If they are, take it out of the pot and let it sit in a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide for 24 hours! Follow the instructions here from @718celena.

Don't overwater your succulents.

Seriously, they do NOT like it. And don't mist their leaves, either! Instead, give them a good watering once a month, and then leave them alone. Otherwise, they'll fall apart, like @danimariethatsme's succulent did.

Proper care when you first get your plant will guarantee it a longer life.

TikTok user @thejuicyplants posted some tips she wished she'd known when she first started her plant journey. The first one: remove the top layer of soil from your store-bought plant, since bugs like to hide there!

Regular potting soil might not be the best choice for you.

The soil you buy from Home Depot or other plant nurseries may be too dense for your plants and could cause root rot. Instead, try creating your own soil mixture.

Make your own soil mixture!

Using Perlite, orchid bark, and cactus potting mix, make a soil mixture your plants will love. Make sure to use a mask when handling Perlite, as it is dangerous to inhale!

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