People Posted Bizarre Pics That Broke Their Brains And Here Are 20 Of Them

Some people are lucky enough to happen upon a moment where it seems like worlds collide or realities shift. Some, even luckier, manage to snap photos of it.

From the weird to the wonderful, creepy to curious, here are 15+ bizarre pics that don't look like they came from the real world.

"The ice in my Old Fashioned is so clear you can see through the glass."

Pretty sure you actually opened some sort of portal, but you won't be able to find out as it's too small to fit through.

"Stairs to nowhere."

If you can't see the stairs, you can't know for sure they go nowhere. Time to start digging!

"Check out this giant."

If the end of the world arrives via giant insects, so be it. I'll accept my fate right then and there.

"Meanwhile in Colorado..."

I understand this is probably common in many areas, but I live in the city so if I ever saw this happening it'd make my whole year.

"My mailman looks exactly like Seth Rogen."

Or Seth Rogen took a side job as a mailman. All that acting must get boring, he wanted a new passion!

"Say hello to my son..."

Hello, this user's son. I see the demonic possession took well, that's great! It can be so tricky with kids.

"Reflection in a steam iron."

It fits so perfectly, one might wonder if it was meant to be. Are you sure you're of this planet?

"Old potatoes sprouting new potatoes."

You could have told me these were some dredged up deep-sea creatures and I would have believed you.

Strange comforts.

There is a story behind this, not that it really helps. This woman loves Tim Curry and Robin Williams so much that her husband got these made by an SFX artist.

See, told you it wouldn't help.

"At first I thought my friend's dog's nostril was his eye."

As did I. Then I thought he had a huge, horrifying, gaping mouth. But neither are true so it's okay!

"This huge cat."

I love big dogs. I think if cats could get to the same size, I'd become more of a cat guy.

"The way the rice I cooked rose up as if they are reaching for something."

This one isn't that strange but the thought of thousands of little rice hands reaching for something is.

"My cat with a flawless straight line."

This one will need some pretty solid evidence to convince me it isn't edited even a little.

"Stairway to Divine."

Surely going in a door and taking whatever staircase is inside is worth the effort to avoid this death trap.

"The pattern my grow lights leave on the ground when there's just a tiny gap in the door left open."

The coolest lighting effect I've seen and I can't string it on my ceiling to have all the time. Dang.

"I stood in the reflection of the backyard glass window opposite my thongs and it looks like my ghost is wearing them!"

Oh, no, a ghost is wearing your sandals, you just also happen to be there taking a picture.


In an alternate universe, someone has a loop in their cable while the shadow looks straight. Be grateful you're on this side!

"My hand looking like a plastic doll hand."

This begs the question, if they did a modern remake of Pinnochio, could they get away with still making him a puppet or would he be some sort of mannequin?

"These weird creepy grapes."

I don't know what planet these long grapes came from, but I'd like them to go back please.

"The angle at which my dad took a picture of his car made it look like it was from a video game."

The great thing about video game cars, at least ones like this, is that they'll stay pristinely clean!

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