20 Things That Worked Out Surprisingly Well In The End

Sometimes, life has a way of just working out. Of course, life also has a way of not working out, but let's not dwell on the negative. We're here to celebrate those happy little accidents.

Pink flamingo.

Reddit | littleorganbigm

This is just a little clump of sock fuzz, composed entirely out of random fibers. But it looks unnervingly like a little pink flamingo.

Mic stand.

Reddit | Maxx2245

This mic stand might not blend in well, but it's doing a good job considering it's made out of an old bottle that's been weighted down.

Mark your pens.

Reddit | lnologram

The clicky part of this pen came off, but this screw works nicely as a substitute. It also shows, beyond a doubt, who this pen belongs to.

Easy on the thumbs.

Reddit | SoulProfaner

I don't think this will last that long, but for now, this cork has come in handy after the thumb stick broke off.

Honk honk.

I love finding driftwood on the beach. I love it even more when the driftwood resembles something. For instance, here's a driftwood duck.

Snow sculpting.

Reddit | yassismore

Thanks to the shape of these decorative paving stones and the shadow they cast, the snow has accumulated in a visually pleasing way.

Plant imitates animal.

Reddit | maisy-daisy17

A cactus plant takes forever to grow. But if you're willing to wait a few eons, sometimes it grows into something special.

Angling in.

Reddit | Icthus888

At one point, it looked like these creepy icicles were trying to get inside the house. Thankfully, they angled back down eventually.

Lined up.

Reddit | bmonkey1313

I wonder if the wing of this plane was painted for this very scenario: when it lines up perfectly with the clouds below and the sky above.

If it clips, it fits.

Reddit | Esatle

This person ran out of clothes pegs, but found that the little clippy tags from bread bags work equally well.

Localized weather system.

Reddit | Marblebear94

Don't ask me why, but the employees of this store decided to make their own cloud system using distilled water vapor.

Classy Uno.

Reddit | ChiggaOG

This stripped-down, minimalistic Uno set looks pretty awesome and functions just as well as the cards we're used to.

At least it's polite.

Reddit | amassiveclimax

If all keyboards used human language like 'Please' rather than robot language like 'Enter', the world just might be a better place.

When veggies bloom.

Reddit | longasau

Normally you don't want veggies to sprout. But this broccoli bloom is so pretty that it deserves its own vase.

Everyone gets some exercise.

Reddit | vidat13

Parents are used to sitting on a bench as their kids play, but this playground gets parents involved by providing workout equipment.

English salsa.

Reddit | sweetbunsmcgee

This is Worcestershire sauce, but in Spanish it's known as 'English sauce'. That's much better, because it's easier to pronounce than 'Worcestershire'.

Word to the wise.

Reddit | Rageaidz

Ikea stores don't leave anything to chance, not even their fake toilets. I wonder if this was a proactive decision, or if it was prompted by an incident.

Made for each other.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

I've kind of always wondered why travel pillows have such a weird shape. It's embarrassing that it took me this long to figure it out.

Wait, what?

Reddit | TheBiggestFitz

A strange trick of the camera has created a weird luminescent rectangle around this bolt of lightning.


Reddit | RestEqualsRust

Someone decided to take the iconic 'Jazz' design — the embodiment of the '90s — and get it printed on this custom goblet.

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