Fans Expose Unrealistic TV And Movie Behaviors That Get Them Annoyed

What separates a good movie from a great movie (or TV show) is believability. The audience wants to feel connected with the characters and relatability is paramount to creating that bond.

On the other hand, nothing can shatter a viewing experience quicker than seeing something on-screen that's totally and completely unrealistic.

See what I mean as fans expose unrealistic TV and movie behaviors that annoy them.

Typical teacher behavior.

Come on teachers, do you really think that you're students are listening to a word you say as they're filing-out the door of your classroom?

And why are they always so surprised by the bell? My teachers would literally count the seconds as the period counted down.

Is it really that easy to knock someone unconscious?

The short answer is "no — it isn't."

In fact, it actually requires quite a tremendous amount of force to render another human being unconscious.

You can be sure that if it did happen, they'd likely have a concussion or have permanent long-lasting damage.

Why do they always yell "clear!"?

Yes, I understand it's to ensure that no one is touching a body that's currently coursing with electricity. But more often than not, someone still yells "clear" even if they're by themselves.

I just don't get it, does it sound cool or something?

Why do characters always have to explain what they're doing to their colleagues?

For anyone who didn't grow up watching C.S.I., luminol is a tool used by crime scene investigators that helps to reveal hidden stains (blood, semen) in a crime scene.

The fact that one expert would have to explain this to a fellow colleague is laughable.

Why do they even bother showing characters brushing their teeth?

As anyone with a toothbrush will tell you, cleaning your teeth can be a messy business.

But have we once ever seen someone like Brad Pitt or George Clooney with a mouth foam of foam and spit? I don't think so.

Why do they always inevitably wind up at a construction site on cop shows?

I'm fairly certain that in every episode of Law & Order that has ever been produced, at one point or another the police investigating the crime will end up at a labor site.

They sure seem to have it out for blue-collar workers, that's for sure.

Does anyone else hate the unnecessary suspense?

Let's make one thing clear: the only kind of people who say "you need to see this" are attention-starved glory hogs.

The fate of the world is often hanging in the balance on this crux of pivotal information — just say it already!

Those USB sticks can be tricky.

The confidence that these villains have to always be able to know which way is up and which way down amazes me.

It takes me at least three tries every time I try to use a flash drive.

Do dads get a bad rap in movies and TV?

It certainly seems that way. Look at Phil Dunphy from Modern Family or Hal Wilkerson in Malcolm in the Middle: TV dads are pretty dumb.

Men are often made to be the brunt of the joke and we do so willingly with a smile on our face

Why are the air vents always so big?

How is it that Batman and Spider-Man are always able to find these human-sized vents to crawl through in order to traverse empty buildings unnoticed? And how do the vents never collapse under their weight?

It just doesn't make sense.

The classic 'ugly duckling' trope.

This was one of the most used and abused teen movie tropes of the '90s. Which is fairly insulting, when you think about it.

It seems to be suggesting that every woman is just waiting for the day until a man finally validates her physical worth.

Why would you opt for the couch?

Are they being punished? I mean sure, you often hear someone say "you're sleeping on the couch tonight" but who would actually do it?

If it was me, I'd be sprawled out like a starfish in the guest bedroom, enjoying the freedom to move around.

They never manage to get birth right.

As my mom would so often remind me growing up: birth isn't fun nor easy.

She endured 17 hours of labor before the doctor announced that they would be performing a C-section. There's a lot more time, blood, and feces involved than Hollywood cares to show us.

If only finding a parking spot was really that easy...

This one annoys me more than anything else. I live in London, ON and I can't find a parking spot downtown on a Tuesday afternoon.

You're trying to tell me that Bradley Cooper can pull up in front of any building in downtown New York and there's just a spot waiting for him? I'm calling BS.

Why doesn't anyone ever have time for breakfast?

This one just made me laugh because it's so spot-on! Those poor mothers, they're true breakfast artisans and their rotten kids don't even appreciate it.

Who in their right mind would opt for pop tarts instead of pancakes?