Women Online Are Embracing Their Gray Hair With The 'Free The Silver' Movement

Recently I told you about one 33-year-old woman who bravely ditched the hair dye and embraced her naturally gray hair.

Now, I have discovered a whole new movement online called "Free The Silver," taking over Instagram. This hashtag has now reached over nine-thousand posts, and it's so amazing to see all these stunning women rocking their silver locks.

I've been reading the captions some ladies posted using the #FreeTheSilver hashtag, and I'm already so impressed.

They are so open about their struggles to accept their gray hair and the whole journey it has taken them on. It's very empowering, to say the least.

"Letting go is much different than letting yourself go."

"There comes a time when letting go of things that were never meant for you or are no longer meant for you is necessary to find freedom and happiness," this Instagram user beautifully said.

This lady ditched her dye "cold-turkey", as she said.

She found her first gray hair at the tender age of 16. I bet that must've been pretty hard for her at such a young age. I'm happy to see she's finally okay with her silver strands.

This lady shared a good tip with anyone else trying to grow out their gray.

“I just have to do what I need to do to get through this one day," she said. For her, that sometimes meant depending on a headband or a hat, but then the months go by and get easier and easier.

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance" - Alan Watts.

This pretty lady shares her five-month progress picture and quote to encourage other ladies to just keep going with their gray hair journeys.

I love this lady's awesome advice to others going through this journey.

"My advice - just do the thing!! You can always dye it back, right? This silver sister community won’t judge. You do you!"

You see, ladies? This is the encouragement you need today.

And then this cool lady shared the happiest sentiment I have heard so far.

"Stay close to people who feel like sunshine."

Isn't that such a lovely way to look at life? We all could use a little bit more sunshine right about now, no?

Here's even more encouragement for you.

"True beauty lies within the soul. Look past the exterior to the soul inside and only then will you see the true person" - Unknown.

Whoever said this was definitely on to something here.

I absolutely love all the positivity that comes from this online movement.

Speaking from experience, it's not easy seeing those gray hairs appear when you least expect it. Have you been struggling with your gray hair lately? What keeps you from going back to the dye?