Every Worst Moment On 'The Big Bang Theory' Fans Can't Ignore

For many, The Big Bang Theory will forever hold a special place in their hearts. But there are others who don't look back on the classic sitcom so fondly.

Speaking from an objective standpoint, The Big Bang Theory is packed with moments that haven't aged particularly well. That's why I've gone and compiled every worst moment on The Big Bang Theory that fans can't ignore.

1. Every single time that the audience was subjected to that ridiculous laugh-track.


I just have to get this one out of the way — laugh tracks make me cringe! I just can't shake the idea that your listening to the laughter of dead people.

It's ghost laughter, people!

2. The fact that Leonard's mom kissed his best friend in his own home.


Haven't you done enough, Beverly? Your son is already a therapist's wet dream on the best of days and you want to go ahead and stick your tongue down his roommate's throat?!

For shame.

3. Every single time that Sheldon said "Bazinga!"

Just thinking about Sheldon saying this superfluously stupid word makes my skin crawl.

Can we just all agree that catchphrases were fun while they lasted, but that the time has come to say goodbye?

4. Sheldon's racist gift.


In "The Tenure Turbulence" Sheldon fears that he's offended Cal-tech's HR administrator, Mrs. Davis(Regina King). To make up for his grievance, he arrives unannounced at her office to give her a DVD copy of the TV show Roots.

Sheldon, recognizing her confused look, asks "you're Black, right?"


It gets worse later on in the episode. As the credits roll, Sheldon arrives to apologize (again) and to say thank you to Mrs. Davis for nominating him for tenure.

When she extends her hand to shake his, Sheldon does this.

5. The mystery of Raj and the Grasshopper cocktail.


Early on in season 1, the running joke is that Raj can't talk to women. In "The Grasshopper Experiment," Penny serves him a cocktail that instantly cures his affliction.

The audience also quickly discovers that 'drunk Raj' is a misogynistic creep.

6. How the show takes the abuse Bernadette suffered as a child and turns it into some kind of sick joke.


Bernadette has said on several occasions that her mother drank and abused substances while she was pregnant. Bernie even says at one point that her small stature is a direct result of her mother's smoking.

How is that funny at all?

7. Did Amy really just admit that her mother used to lock her in a closet?

Amy makes mention of this fact early on in the series. Later, when we meet her mother (played by Kathy Bates) she punishes Amy by sending her to Penny's closet.

That's pretty twisted when you stop and think about it.

8. Howard using a remote control car to sexually harass Penny.


Why is the idea of a grown man driving a toy car between a woman's legs in order to look up her skirt funny?

Howard was a straight-up pervert back in the day.

9. Penny completely betraying her character at the last minute by deciding to have children.


This just screamed, "sell out." For the entire series, Penny (and Bernadette for that matter) openly opposed the idea of having children.

This seemed like such an obvious ploy at appeasement and it left many viewers feeling like they'd been let down.

10. Howard using a government satellite to spy on the girls inside the *America's Next Top Model* house.


Didn't I just finish saying that Howard was a pervert?

I shudder to imagine what actually went on inside that house once Howard and Raj closed the door behind them.

11. Leonard constantly speaking down to Penny as if she's beneath him.

Leonard is the king of man-splaining. He never denied himself an opportunity to assert his own perceived intellectual dominance over the woman he claimed to love so dearly.

I never understood these two together and I still don't.

12. The time that Sheldon compared his female lab assistant to his lunch.


Sheldon explains to his assistant that women and egg salad sandwiches have a lot in common: both are "full of eggs and only appealing for a short time."

Seriously, how was this guy not fired?

13. All of Mary Cooper's casually racist remarks.


Sheldon's mother is the Archie Bunker of the new millennium

Her callous remarks don't appear to come from a malicious place, but regardless of the intent — the ignorance of her words stings just the same.

14. The overall assumption that women either don't like or don't understand geek culture.


When Stuart hires a girl at the comic book store, the guys treat her like some kind of mythological creature.

Umm, have you been to Comic-Con? Ever heard of cosplay? Girls are geeks — this isn't anything new.