15+ Seriously Confusing Pics That Made Us Trust Our Eyes A Little Less

You might think that you can always trust yourself. After all, you're you, you're able to think things through and trust your own perception because you're living in it.

That's not always the case, though. One little inconsistency can throw everything for a loop, like these seriously confusing pics that make us trust our eyes a little less.

"Tiny horses on a fence."

Is that 'fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses' hypothetical finally happening?

"[My] dog's reflection looks like he's stuck in a bucket."

Well, are you going to help him or not? He's stuck!

"This imported salmon, so tightly wrapped in plastic it appears to not he wrapped at all."

The amount of time I spent staring at this looking for any hint of plastic is embarrassing. Not to mention, I still didn't find any.

"This is what those ads on a basketball court look like from the players perspective."

I never considered how warped they'd have to be so those in the stands could read them but after one second of thought, it makes a lot of sense.

"My dog likes to sit here, but he isn't right now."

Another dog reflection conundrum but this one looks more like a full-on ghost dog situation.

"My car looks like it’s floating in this photo!"

With a car that fancy, I wouldn't be surprised if it could fly.

"The way my sweatpants match the cover on my bed."

The perfect camouflage for this one hyper-specific situation.

"One of my boiled eggs was completely yellow."

Yes, it probably just means the yolk broke and mixed inside but it still looks...concerning.

"A tortoiseshell cat with an extraordinary orange pattern on its paws."

It looks like the cat has a fur collar on a long jacket. Real fur, of course, but ethically sourced.

"The perspective on this boardwalk makes it look like it goes forever."

I'm well aware of the horizon but that doesn't stop this type of thing from feeling surreal. It's the same feeling I get when looking out at a body of water that seems endless.

"A snake on my Mum’s fence."

A snake or an ancient dragon come back to life? Only the true size and the face could tell us the answer, and both are obfuscated.

"These vodka glasses made to look like upside-down mini-bottles."

These become even better and more confusing the more someone drinks from one.

"A floating boat in Banff, Scotland."

Not sure if floating boats were a necessary development, we already have planes.

"These pixilated shadows I found at a jobsite."

Not everything was loading correctly so we had to turn down the graphics settings a little and put shadow detail on low.

"This picture looks like one of my cats' head is Missing and like the other one's body is Missing."

You mean it's not one cat that carries its head around in a basket headless Horseman-style?

"This store window condensation looks like the dog breath fogged it up."

Dang it. So there isn't a giant, Clifford-sized pug in there? What's even the point, then?

"A 10-foot street lamp and a 600-foot tower."

Now I'm thinking of a giant streetlight tower. Like a lighthouse but so much worse in every aspect.

"At the right time."

That's a pretty serious hat if it casts that wide of a shadow, dang.

"Somebody put a fake tiger in a tree outside my supermarket."

Why did I think this was real for a second? Why did I think a tiger would ever be found in an environment like that?

"I found a mushroom that looks like a fried egg."

Ironically, this mushroom (bolbitius titubans) tastes terrible, but it isn't dangerous to eat, so there's no stopping you from adding it to your breakfast anyway.

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