15+ Weird Pics That Made Us Think Inanimate Objects Were Trying To Trick Us

It's a trick or be tricked world out there. You're either wary and cunning, or gullible and trusting. One isn't worse than the other but it does determine your likelihood to be fooled.

You can use this list as a test of sorts, find out which side you land on by checking out these intimate objects that may be trying to trick us.

"The way my pasta spilled."

Throw some meatballs on there and you've almost got a game of Ker Plunk!

"This picture of a cloud I took in 2011 that looks like a horse arm wrestling a beaver."

This is a true battle of the ages. Immediately, the horse is thought to have more strength but beavers have a lot of tricks up their sleeve.

"This die has a die in it."

So which do you read? What is this for? Will the baby die ever be free from its translucent prison?

"This square stop sign."

There's something more foreboding and serious about this variation. Stop signs are always commands but a square one is yelling it at you.

"The logo is printed upside down but the text stating the flavour is the right way up. The other cans were all the right way up."

I thought maybe it had to do with the flavor, but Shokata is apparently elderberry-lemon. Who drinks elderberry soda?

"I saw this tree that looks like a cow on the way to work this morning."

Your tone is way too casual for such an eerie photo. The fog, the colors, the face that that cow-tree looks huge, this is surrealist horror at its peak.

"Went to [Wingstop] and got a brick of a fry."

Brick is a great word for it, you could build a house with fries that big.

"The way the restaurant wrote the word 'shrimp' on my container can be flipped upsidedown to read 'always.'"

That's because it's always shrimp time. Never a wrong time for shrimp and shrimp-flavored products.

"These teapots posing for a photo."

These are cute but I can feel my balance being thrown off just by looking at them.

"This log that came with a handle."

You have to turn this into a mug. Like, you don't have a choice. It's divine intervention.

"The expiration date on my sausage is February 30th."

Whoever was operating the tag gun on this knows something we don't. We need to find them, where did they discover the extra two days?!

"I cracked an egg and the "skin" didn't break."

Either that's a tough skin, or you have the world's tiniest, danitiest egg cracks.

"Two cans of the same tomato soup from the same store. One a product of Canada, the other a product of USA."

Some facts about Canada: we're the second-largest country by total area, our national sport is lacrosse, and we (apparently) have...darker tomatoes?

"This candy company accidentally wrote dark chocolate shaped sardines instead of sardine shaped dark chocolate."

Thank goodness you have the observational skills to see the error here. No one would want to buy dark chocolate-shaped sardines and end up with actual chocolate!

"Extra large lemon at my local garden [center]."

How has no one bought that yet? It must be a sign, I'm starting my car right now, the giant lemon will be mine.

"The remainders of my breakfast look like a snail."

Either eat it or let it go outside, keeping it away from its natural habitats is cruel.

"This old bottle of whiskey shaped like an eagle (the head comes off to reveal the cap)."

The best types of alcohol bottles are ones that can hide in plain sight as simple decor.

"The glass cover on my coffee table makes it look like my TV remote is floating."

Sure, this totally isn't just you subtly posting about your telekinetic powers.

"Mongolian child’s booties look like a fuzzy video game controller."

Now I genuinely want a fuzzy video game controller to comfort me when I play horror games.

"The snow on my mom's lawn looks like Florida."

The grass is always greener and the snow non-existent on the other side.

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