Stylist Uses Intricate Braids To Turn Hair Into Works Of Art

There are some people in the world that are so talented that we know that they are destined for their career path. Alejandro Lopez is totally one of those people. His talents for hairstyling and design are so amazing, it's like he was made to do hair.

Lopez creates magical and whimsical hair designs.

The hairstylist has only been working with hair for two years, but looking at his works of art, it's mesmerizing to see how beautiful they all come out!

Some of the designs are beathtaking.

"I've always loved color I love being able to use all the colors in the rainbow to create something magical," Lopez told Bored Panda.

The stylist is very well known for his braiding skills and designs.

"[When it comes to braiding], it's definitely what I'm more known for in the industry—for my unique and intricate work. I really let my imagination take over and I push myself to create content that makes me happy and inspires others," Lopez shared.

All of his hairstyles take an immense amount of time.

"A lot of my creations can take as short as 2 hours or as long as 7 depending on how intricate the braids are and if I’m using any unconventional material in the braiding process. I can work on something for hours and not like it and take it all down and start all over again," he said.

Lopez is also very particular about things.

"I never want to put out anything that I am unhappy with. I’m very particular about my photos. I probably take over 100 photos or more of just a single look until I feel I've got the best one," the hairstylist shared.

And, Lopez spends so much time working on new and fresh ideas.

"I always want my work to be fresh, new, and exciting. My whole life revolves around hair from when I wake up to work on clients at the salon to the time I get home to work on my braiding, sometimes staying up till 4 am to finish working on a style, then waking up at 9 am to get ready to go to work and do it all over again," he said.

Sometimes, clients have no idea what they want.

Especially when he has new clients and lets him freestyle, Lopez said it takes a lot of thought.

"The things that I pay attention to when developing a look for someone depends on a lot of factors," he said.

Getting those bright, vibrant colors depends on many things.

"If they want to color their hair and ask me to choose, then I look at their hair quality, ask them about their hair history, look at the amount of hair they have, how dark or how light their hair naturally is. Hence, hair coloring really depends on many factors," he said.

Hairstyling and design also takes a lot of thought.

"For styling, I look at the hair texture to see if it’s smooth and if not, then I would need to blowdry it before I can style it. Also, the density of the hair is another factor, and if there is a special event they are getting ready for, I keep that in mind as well," Lopez shared.

It goes to show how much goes into each of his designs.

From the time and the thought that Lopez takes to curate spectacular colors and designs, it truly shows through the work that he puts out and produces.

Lopez is based out of Orlando, Florida.

You can see more of his spectacular designs and creations on his Instagram page here.

h/t Bored Panda