Texas Family Stays In Car For 12 Hours While Dog Gives Birth During Winter Storm

Being a dog owner isn't always easy, especially when your furry friend is expecting a new litter of pups.

One dog's foster family didn't know what to expect when their pregnant pup was ready to give birth, but what happened was definitely a surprise.

This family reminds us all that we all do what we have to do when times get tough and push comes to shove.

The Texas weather was chilly.

Unsplash | Jeffrey Blum

As The Dodo reported, a dog named Magnolia (AKA "Maggie") was found one day wandering the streets of Fredericksburg, Texas, as a stray when Hill Country SPCA rescued her from the cold and sought to find her a new foster family.

They wanted to move the process along very quickly, as Maggie was quite pregnant and about to give birth any day.

Fortunately, Magnolia found a loving foster home with Aubrey Morgan.

However, the recent winter storm that attacked the southern part of the country created quite the unforeseen obstacle on the worst day possible.

The power went out when Maggie was in labor, forcing her foster mom, Morgan, to make a quick decision to save the dog and her incoming puppies.

Maggie had to keep her pups warm in the car.

“After the fourth puppy was born, we realized, despite our efforts, the puppies were still too cold,” Morgan told The Dodo. “That’s when my husband started preparing the car for Maggie and the puppies."

In the end, the foster parents stayed inside their car for the next 12 hours while Maggie gave birth to her last three puppies.

There are just some miracles that we can't plan for.

While Morgan read lots of books and researched everything she could on dog pregnancies, this is one life experience those books simply didn't cover.

She and her husband had to use their own intuition, and thank goodness they did. All of the puppies were born healthy and happy. Let us know what you think of this warm and fluffy story in the comments.

h/t: The Dodo